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Smurf continues his must have trades going back to the year 2005 and one that we feel many have overlooked. We are sponsored by All C’s Collectibles and their live auction that will start today at 2:30, be sure to join in and see what James has for you this week.

alex-ross-justice-leagueHis break out book is Marvels, Kingdom Come is his most recognized and complemented work, but I want to talk about the story that always gets overlooked. It’s funny most fans either love or hate Alex Ross some saying nothing compares to his Marvels run and his work goes downhill from there. Some love the realistic look he gives to the subjects while others think it makes them look dopey and kids playing dress up. His style definitely changed but only because it had to if he was going to get books out on time but I think it’s because of this adjustment that helped flesh out his style making the character jump off the page even more. His approach and character layouts are fantastic complemented by his use of color and stunning layers capturing the imagination. I didn’t always appreciate his work like this and was starting to get a little burned out on him back in the day when the Justice series hit that I almost missed it completely.

Justice_Issue6_Page27_Alex_Ross_2006Key Points> There is no doubt that Kingdom Come is his greatest of all time tales and I figure it’s already got a space in most collections that I will eventually get to it. Justice felt like something right out of my childhood and was so well done from both story and art that I couldn’t get enough. It honestly felt like Super Friends from the Saturday morning cartoons had come to life as the Justice League faces off with the Legion of Doom. Are you kidding me? The Legion of Doom! I love these guys! This was fantastic and a total shocker for 2005 as the Legion launched it’s most devious plan yet. Every character and trap was so well planned and laid out I just devoured the story. I honestly don’t think they left a single character out, hero or villain. It stretched out for 12 issues and I was late to the party for this one and found myself hunting down the earlier issues, thankfully they did do collected editions each one containing four issues. Alex Ross and Jim Krueger were the writing team on this while Ross painted over Doug Braithwaites pencils and because of this I think elevates it to a surprising level of perfection.

Negative Zone> It took two years to complete the story which really doesn’t impact us today, but damn that was frustrating back then. While I love the Super Friends feel and the trip down nostalgic lane with a modern look there are times the story is a bit predictable. I remember thinking I had seen this before or familiar in some way and I think they pulled story lines directly from the cartoon. The build up is great and has the typical end you would expect but well worth the trip. Most of the story looks stunning and can’t be compared to anything else out there but some of the pages did feel incomplete or cheated in some way. I’m sure the looming deadlines had some hand in this and isn’t as distracting as you would think but it is noticeable. All of this aside still a stellar read and worthy of a space right next to your Kingdom Come.

Next week its back to the Indie side!


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