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While I was compiling my list of trades there were a few repeating author names, more than artists names if I’m completely honest. A few of them I had to do a separate list for and decide how I wanted to approach what collected stories to list, thankfully some of them working under different publishers helped, but was trying to avoid it looking like some fan boy crush list. Considering this writer, that proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be. I never realized just how much I liked his work or how many stories or titles of his I had read. I do know he’s not for everyone and remember a couple conversations in the shop of people saying that but then stunned to find he had written something they absolutely loved. I think of all of the writes this happens the most to him and I have already listed one of his trades from DC with Red Son.wanted all 6

Key Points> What would a world look like if the villains had actually won? It’s a question as a comic reader we are asked almost every time we pick up an issue. Right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, but bad vs. bad? In Wanted the heroes lost after all of the villains united and the best part of it no one can remember that or what happened. People understand that this is the norm, heroes never existed and it’s back to business as usual for your average Joey Bag of Doughnuts. The villains know what they did and start different factions to police and protect their areas and interests and the world is at peace…well sort of. What I loved about this series was just how gritty and amazing of an idea it was at the time (2003), doing the one thing we had always argued about in the shop. No capes just different levels of bad to take in and of course there is never enough, people always want more and in a world like this who’s going to stop them. Mark Millar does an amazing job taking this seemly worthless looking kid to the top of the underground weaved through out a mystery of how his estranged dad was killed. There is just something about cheering on the villain that I love, makes you wonder if you would do the same as you move through the story. The characters are great, just impressively bad guys that you can’t help but like thanks to J.G. Jones delivering some of the best art of his career. It’s better than any pulp or crime novel out there and you get some wild and I do mean wild ass villains you would never think of.    bad guys

Negative Zone> I have mentioned Mark Millar may not be for everyone, and while I do love his grittier work it can be hard to stomach (Kick-Ass Authority) but I think the payoff for this story is worth it. Also I know this may all sound familiar because of the movie Wanted but trust me when I say that the film didn’t even come close to the story. It took a couple of key points, a couple of names and that’s about it and shouldn’t even be considered an adaptation or even a film for the matter. While the characters are colorful a few do come across as the standard cliché but it is a comic after all.

Speaking of being adapted for film, next week I will talk about the best one ever done from page to screen I have ever seen and no it’s not Watchmen. We are sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who is running three virtual sales a week, and one today at 2:30pm be sure tune in delivery service is available.

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