Meat and Potatoes

pic_socialCBS All-Access just so happened to offer a free month viewing of all its shows this month. So, why not take advantage of this *Gift* right now and see “Picard”.

*The MEAT* The story is *A Blast and Rewarding* especially to the “T.N.G” fan. “Picard” does not only continue the story of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, but it combines what happened in the new J.J. Abrams movies too. Which makes a newer and much darker Starfleet than we all are accustomed to. Another cool thing is that they did not flood all the characters form “T.N.G” to just be in it for cameos, no they brought in the ones that were only crucial to this story line.

*The POTATOES* Patrick Stewart was his old great self again, that was expected. But what I didn’t expect was a very interesting new cast that was *Pretty Good* in the acting department. One that stood out the most was Santiago Cabrera who plays Captain Rios along with five other versions of himself and he pulls them all off with great comedic flair.

*The VERDICT* Brent Spiner said that he saw “Picard” as a *Gift* to all the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fans and I must say that he was right. Now it does start off slow but builds pretty well to an ending that definitely will be discussed for years to come. Anyways, “Picard” is definitely worth your time to watch and I liked it better than any of the “T.N.G” movies. And I will pay money next year to see season 2.

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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