Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU Smurf is here to fill you in on some of the latest news in the #Popculture world as we start to see a light at the end of the #Isolation tunnel. Some of the things that have been entertaining him are exposed. Videos from celebrities, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackmans truce and why, including Denver Popculture Con giving away #Tradepaperbacks.

The comic industry might be coming back very soon but there could be changes, movies that are done show off production stills like Dune, who is taking charge of the Doctor Strange film and who wants to be a villain. Agents of SHIELD, Fraggles, and the Sandman all need to be shared including a new restaurant you will want to visit and the return of a legend artist. Be sure to visit Siouxsiequeue’s for some amazing and truly unique items for this week’s retailer in need.



#NerdNews #GeekNews #Movies #TV #Popculture #quarantine #Isolation #Video #conlife #Weekendgeekupdate #5280Geek #StaySafe #StayGeeky

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