The Wanderer

I Think I Have A Problem

May 2020’s Can’t-Miss, Sort-of Live Event & Concert Calendar 2.0

By John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this important announcement.

I think I have a problem. I planned on having a chapter of The Dreamer done this week, but I’m not really getting anything done right now!

I’d blame it on Corona. . .but I don’t even drink anymore. (cue rim shot)


Last week we released a special edition of The Wanderer May Concert Calendar and I’m back to report what’s happened since then as well as what’s to come, since I just cannot get enough free music performances which are happening everyday all over the internet!

On the evening of Cinco De Mayo, DJ NuMark of Jurassic 5 took to Instagram to play a fantastic latin music set and he was getting down! I watched and danced with the whole family.

NuMark played the same set the following evening on YouTube and Twitch. Since then he has released the entire set on Bandcamp for only $5 and it’s worth every penny.


Afterwards I stayed up until 1:30am with the lovely Kodid watching and listening to Toca Tuesday, Tony Touch’s live weekly show. It started at 10pm MST and I felt like I had been at an actual concert when I shut it off to go to bed. . .but Tony was still going.

Toca played countless hip hop hits from my youth on his Instagram as well as for his R-rated Zoom Room. The show was so perfectly us that we sent him some money on Paypal the next day. We wanted to thank him for all the free content he’s been putting out lately and to support him while he can no longer make his usual living doing residence at the various NYC clubs.


The following night 9th Wonder played The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, an incredible mix of songs by Mos Def, The Roots, and Ghostface Killah. Erick Sermon (EPMD, Def Squad) and Buckshot (Black Moon, Bootcamp Clik) even showed up to chop it up in the chat room.

The show got cut short as viewers, including former NFL baller Spice Adams, got a little too crazy in the chat. People started acting a fool, sending requests despite 9th having a pinned comment on the bottom of the page noting he would not be taking any. 9th ended the show playing some R&B oldies and informing viewers that he had to kick five people out of the stream.

He went on to state hip hop heads were too nerdy for him and don’t know how to act. We were all bid a goodnight.

But the night was far from over. . .


Next, D-Nice (Boogie Down Productions) and Statik Selektah (Strong Arm Steady) both took to IG as 9th’s show was ending. I had seen D-Nice’s daily #ClubQuarantine shows in recent days, so I went with Statik as I hadn’t checked out his setup yet.

Statik started the show with a rare Notorious BIG verse that I was unfamiliar with. Unlike most DJs who play the hits, Statik played lesser-known songs. Many came from his own mixtapes, but everything was by well-known artists.

The show took a somber turn when he paused the music to tell the story of the night Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away. His tale came on the heels of mentioning three other artists he played that have died as well.

But Statik didn’t leave the vibe low for long. He got back into the mix with a familiar Joey Bada$$ joint remixed over a fresh hot beat. Statik had the least viewers of any show I’ve tuned into recently, but wisely lined up a bunch of sponsors for his socially distanced shows. After all, he is a successful radio DJ.

So what’s next live music fans?

OIP (1)

Lord Finesse (DITC) and Boogie Blind (X-ecutioners) take to Insta this afternoon for what they’re calling a Tag Team Special. The show will air at 3pm MST. Be sure to check out these two legendary icons of turntablism. The show’s sure to feature music from many genres and eras in addition to rap.

Finesse will be back again on Mother’s Day with his show Instagram Live: Brunch Edition. That one airs every Sunday at 10am MST.

Elsewhere tonight the spectacular DJ Low Key has a livestream set called The Solution Live. Low Key shares hosting duties with his partner and fellow Basementalism alumn, DJ Lazy Eyes. That one airs on Twitch Fridays at 8pm MST.

Be sure to catch The Solution Live every week, as well as his other show Goodness, which airs every Sunday at 3pm MST on Goodness‘s Twitch channel.


Not to be outdone, DJ Z-trip is back again today and he’s got another huge event planned.

Look at that friggin’ flyer. He’ll be hosting a show featuring some of the best vert and street skaters of all time, including Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, and Andy Macdonald. I have no idea how the show is going to work yet, but it will air on his twitch right around the time you’re reading this.

I won’t be hurt if you head over and watch it. Just come back and read the rest later.


Finally rumor has it that the aforementioned DJ D-Nice and Tony Touch will be back with their brothers from other mothers, DJs Rich Medina, Clark Kent, and Stretch Armstrong, this Saturday for an encore performance of last weekend’s The Originals NYC. That show was on D-Nice’s Insta, and it was incredible! The Originals have not officially announced the details for tomorrow’s show yet, but follow any of the five on Instagram to stay up to date..

Of course one or more of the five originals are on Instagram performing live at any given time, so check them out for some bonus good vibrations.

So I squeezed this piece out instead of embarking on the time-consuming task of getting the next Dreamer together. I have no regrets.

It may seem like it’s all hip hop this time around, and yes, all the DJs above come from rap and hip hop backgrounds. However, if you’ve tuned into any of their shows you already know that what they play is anything but just hip hop—maybe with the exception of Statik Selektah.

But if you don’t like hip hop go ahead and write you’re own free article about all the amazing free concerts rock, pop, and country performers are putting on online these days. . .

I’ll wait. . .

In the meantime if you’ve got additional monetary resources feel free to share some with me and all these other amazing creatives who are doing their thing while COVID-19 has us under lock-down. Real artists do it just for the love, but we still need money to make ends meet.


Like Michael Stipe said, “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” I’m definitely fine with it with all these free musical performances.

I will be back some time soon with the conclusion of The Dreamers, but for now Instagram Live is calling. I’m going to continue to feed my live music addiction right from the comfort of my living room. There’s too much dancing and head bobbing to do to worry about serious writing.

And don’t worry. . .I don’t expect to do another of these again this month, but if you want to stay in the know on all the livestream performances I’m discovering just follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The feeds will regularly update while the free live stuff is happening.

In the end, you don’t have anything to do. I don’t have to do anything. We may as well not do anything together.

And while you’re at home, stay healthy, stay geeky, and I’ll see you wandering the internet.


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