Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU now available on I Heart Radio and sponsored by Siouxsiequeue’s (https://siouxsiequeues.com/) who is offering 15% off an order of $15 or more by using the code 5280GEEK till the end of the month of May. Smurf takes us on a walk through the world of geek this week staring with some local events you don’t want to miss, one being #RocktheClock for The Clocktower Cabaret this Wednesday.

#Geeknews on some adjusted release dates for #Movies, some reactions to a few shows and theories for the next seasons. A favorite character turns 80, fan art gets mistaken as the real thing, new trailer has Smurf all excited and even more #Mandalorian news that’s better than last week. Boldly go with a new series, get a chance to paly DnD with Joe Manganiello, a new trip in time and space and a whole new take on #Sandman. All of this and more as Serenity Fogre’s new game Neversong hits tomorrow for your Weekend Geek Update.



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