Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Red Rocks opened in 1906, It featured Denver bandleader Pietro Satriano and his 25-piece brass band for the parks grand unveiling and something you may or may not know. Now while that show was a little before my concert going day’s my love for the venue runs deep as I have been all over this park. As a guest, time spent on stage including the back area, and even some moments in the green room I will never forget. Stories you will hear at a later time I’m sure, but in my memory one of the most incredible shows for me and really putting Red Rocks on the map was by a small Irish band.

I don’t think anyone in 1983 knew the lasting impact of Under A Blood Red Sky would have for U2, Red Rocks, and me for that fact being my first show there. The atmosphere was charged, the scene was epic, as if pulled from a Frank Herbert novel. All for this up and coming band that had something to prove, giving a packed venue the show of their lives. I’m the Listener and here’s todays classic summer concert tribute with a series of firsts for me.

#RedRocks #SummerConcerts #U2 #Underabloodredsky #Sundaybloodysunday #quarantine #TheListener #LiveMusic #ClassicRock #5280Geek #StaySafe #StayGeeky

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