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crisisIt’s one thing to create a good story or to craft a mystery that keeps the reader guessing but when you can successfully merge the two in the comic world you have a unique achievement. Over the years DC has done the unthinkable with their second tier characters achieving some of the more memorable moments in comics. The problem with comics is once a specific formula or title works they run it into the ground, everything is a “Crisis” this or an “Infinity” that leaving the reader a little gun shy the moment you see that in the book title. I had no idea what I was instore for when I picked up Identity Crisis. Thinking I was going to get some kind of body swap story or a bunch of the same characters running around from other Earths, I couldn’t have been more wrong.turnner WW

Key Points> Identity Crisis, where do you start? There is nothing average about this series! What Brad Meltzer accomplishes in this story truly leaves the reader shocked and speechless. First off, eliminating a character is a difficult task for sure but to take such a beloved one, and then out of nowhere just take them out in the first issue was mind blowing. The mystery as well as the suspect list runs deep while along the way uncovering one of the Justice Leagues darkest moments and secret. The way this story unfolds is masterful, the art that Rags delivers deeply expresses the emotions running throughout the story. These two left it all on the page, without a doubt and all beautifully wrapped with Michael Turners cover art; images that really need no words along with creating one of the best covers of all time in my opinion. This team did the unthinkable in this series showing some of the darker sides to all of the characters involved and leaving it’s mark on all involved from hero to villain while laying the foundation for another incredible story to come. identitycrisis page

Negative Zone> For me, the series is damn near perfect, the motivation of the killer is a little shaky but does represent a very humanist side and what happens to all the best laid plans. The fans of back in the day were of the “in” or “out” category as there was a drastic drop in sales from issue one to two. Most of that in response of the victim and DC crossing a line that they shouldn’t have. That all said this is a great story with so many different components relying more on the human rather than the super side of these characters. Identity-Crisis-Dc-Comic-Assorted-Six-6-Book

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