Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here with your Classic Rock Wednesday summer of stars Thursday edition. Missing the concert season hard at the moment, knowing full well I would have been to Red Rocks a few times already and that also means getting stuck in a few storms for sure. It’s the one thing that can kill or make a performance and it did just that for me in 1996.

It didn’t seem much at first, a few drops like always until the wind picked up and with it came the storm. Oddly enough Weezer was the opening act for this show (I know right) and were trying to power through. That was until the lighting started and then they couldn’t get off the stage fast enough. We sat there for a moment, refusing to yield our amazing GA position, my friend trying to cover her head and light up a cigarette. That’s when Gwen Stefani came out on stage, as the rain continued to come down, she got a running start and did a big chest slide across the soaked stage. You could tell she was excited to play in the rain and so was the rest of No Doubt and they all followed her out. Granted none of them did the same display of childlike zeal but showed off in other ways. The show was spectacular! One of the best shows I have ever seen and at that point made Gwen one of my favorite performers of all time.

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