Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Classic Rock Wednesday, Thursday edition with a band that does some amazing covers and one that I love but I get a lot of flack over. I wont apologize for enjoying them or the shows they put on because simply put they are fantastic. I have seen them perform at Folsom Field (Where they got fined for running over), and Fiddlers, but I always go back to this show at Red Rocks and the amazing cover they did. Nothing says summer like a music festival or The Dave Matthews Band at Red Rocks but this one seemed a level above with the extended tailgating, the music, and just overall vibe from everyone who attended.

The Dave Matthews Band is just a good time. It’s hard to resist the musical spell they put on you to dance, enjoy yourself, and forget about your cares for a while. And as much as I love Dave with just Tim Reynolds it’s an experience when he has the force of a full band behind him. The skill and level they all preform at is a fun flawless masterfully orchestrated extravaganza. I have left concerts feeling pumped, excited, flat, but for DMB I go home feeling strangely uplifted and happy. I’m the Listener and it’s that Time of the Season with another legends covering legends summer concert series.    

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