Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Thursday edition; for some the 4th of July weekend means cookouts, hanging out at the pool, spending time with the family, or heading off camping to enjoy the great mountain air. For me it was something different for a number of years, it was seeing this group rock the mountain for their annual appearance. Any concert at Red Rocks is an experience but when the sun starts to set and you can see the entire city laid out before you including every fireworks show going on at once it’s absolutely spectacular.

To date John Popper of Blues Traveler is the only person to have graduated with a degree in Harmonica from Juilliard (Your one trivia fact for the day). And it’s not surprising when you see him perform or the trance he seems to put you in when he finds his groove. The band itself is impossible to place in one category or another having covered almost every genre since they formed in 1987. Every time I have seen them it’s always a different show, different song’s that seem to come from a bottomless well of hits and covers you would never expect from a man with a Harmonica. One of my all time best concert experiences happened here, that I look on with a certain fondness and fills my heart and soul with joy. Excuse this old rocker as I walk down memory lane, so here is the perfect example of Legends covering Legends and in the place of the fiddle you have a harp. I’m the Listener, enjoy your weekend, laugh, love, and stay safe.

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