Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Classic Rock Wednesday, Thursday edition taking a stroll through some of the outstanding summer concerts that have happened at Red Rocks. The venue isn’t just a fan favorite, for some bands it’s an achievement point to be able to perform here. And for this band they were just as excited as I was to see them at Red Rocks a few years ago.

Creative, energetic, and entertaining as all hell Panic at the Disco has been a default go to in the car since they blew onto the scene. It’s simply labeled “panic” on the play list and it just makes me happy regardless of the day and traffic. I love their approach to everything really and their behind the scene video of them taking Red Rocks on is great showing some awesome not so often seen areas. Here is your Victorious guided tour of Red Rocks don’t panic you’re in good hands, I’m the Listener and this is your summer concert series.

#RedRocks #PanicAtTheDisco #Victorious #DeathofaBachelor #LiveMusic #Concerts #SummerConcert #Rock #TheListener #5280Geek #StayGeeky       

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