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blogger-image-847497556There is one character in the Marvel Universe that has one of the most rockiest of careers, and has suffered from writer and fan indecision more than anyone else I feel. His back story has been stretched out and diced up over so many different titles it’s hard to get a firm hold on him, his powers, and the character over all. To be honest I didn’t know all that much about the character with my only early exposure to him was in a couple of lack luster Marvel Team-Up issues and later The Contest of Champions. It wasn’t until this trade and obviously a complete overhaul by the great Alan Davis that Captain Britain made any real impact on me.
Key Points> It was this trade in fact that I discovered and fell in love with Alan Davis’s art and particular style that at the time was so unlike any other artist. The great thing about this collection of Mighty World of Marvel #14-16 and Captain Britain #1-14 was how elements were so familiar to me yet fresh and new. It had all of the feel of a Marvel comic but was dipped in a riveting science fiction wrapper that made me all the more eager to read it. I think it was the perfect mixture of crazy undiscovered worlds, a story that was going on that I came in the middle of, and all the new wild characters I would be introduced to. The Braddock family of course was just a little messed up with an insane reality controlling older brother, a sister distended to become an X-Man, and it’s strange mystic ties to Arthurian lore. Nothing was what it seemed on the surface and each character just as complex as the next. Like I said it was a wild and fun filled read that raised as may questions as it answered and one of the more important things, it made me want to go out find the rest of the issues and read more. On a side note I did eventually end up tracking down the actual issues for this trade which in the pre-internet days was a large pain in the ass.
Gate Crasher
Negative Zone> As I said before, it did feel like I came in at half time trying to play as I was sorting out just who was who and their characters roll in the over all picture. It’s wasn’t too difficult to fill in the holes and I’m sure in these internet fueled days it would be even easier. Brian (Captain Britain) was a little whiny for my liking and that seemed to be a new development since the Team-Up days stemming from problems with his powers. Some of those problems are addressed in the story but there’s still a few holes left for you to uncover in earlier issues and in the following series Excalibur but that eventually end up becoming the Cross Time Train Wreck
There might be more compelling stories out there sure; but back then and a kid hungry for comics to read this hit right at the perfect time. Not everything has to be award winning, just fun to read and this will definitely hit that mark.captainbritainheader
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