Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay is here and it feels strange without a Joker war tie-in story on the shelf this week. That in mind there are still plenty of other choices for this weeks need to read and Smurfs #Top5 picks to get you started. Sponsored by All C’s Collectibles, the hub for all your collecting needs and desires delivered where ever you might be.

the-walking-dead-the-alien-hcThe Walking Dead: The Alien HC> COLLECTED IN HARDCOVER FOR THE FIRST TIME! Originally only available on, this oversized hardcover features a story firmly set in THE WALKING DEAD comic book continuity by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN (SAGA, PAPER GIRLS) and MARCOS MARTIN (THE PRIVATE EYE, BARRIER) and includes never-before-seen designs, sketches and layouts. (S) Brian K. Vaughn (A) Marcos Martin

Smurfs Take> Brian K. Vaughn doing a Walking Dead story? HELL YEAH! I’ll take two! I do love when they finally bring the on line only stories to print, I understand the need for it but would rather just have an actual book in my hand. So excited to read this and have no idea what to expect or what I’m in store for, completely unknown and love that.

spider noir 2Spider-Man Noir #2> DATELINE 1933! After months of fruitless efforts, the Nazis have discovered an ancient evil in one of their dig sites on the other side of the world. After a friend of a friend is murdered, SCRAPPY YOUNG REPORTER and rookie gumshoe PETER PARKER finds himself torn from his borough and thrust into the action! Unsure of who he can trust, our hero quickly finds himself on A GLOBE-TROTTING ADVENTURE, encountering friend and foe alike – some of whom may even bear a passing resemblances to familiar faces from the Marvel Universe! (S) Margaret Stohl (A) Juan Ferreyra (CA) Dave Rapoza

Smurfs Take> Am I on a Noir, Pulp kick? Hard to say, but have been leaning a lot towards these type of stories as of late. Even with that in mind I would still be in on this series for multiple reasons, first would be the character is so unlike any version we have seen for Peter. The Time period is perfect, the story is something different and hasn’t been beaten to death in the regular series. All and all it was a good first issue and I wanted more at the end of it…so I’m IN.

vader 3Star Wars Darth Vader #3> GHOSTS OF VADER’S PAST! In his quest to destroy everyone who hid the existence of his son, Luke Skywalker, from him, Darth Vader has formed an unlikely partnership with an eerie shadow from his previous life. Now they return to Naboo where a powerful new host of vengeful ghosts awaits them. Delve deeper into Vader’s past than you thought possible with this shocking tale of tragedy and revenge! (S) Greg Pak (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) In-Hyuk Lee

Smurfs Take> I have tried not to buy in on the Star Wars series, just for the simple reason that when I’m really enjoying a series they end it and start over with another one. It’s a little disjointed and can be confusing not know where the next story is taking place and maybe that’s the point. That’s what makes it so hard to resist, case in point this story, always want more on Vader and the past, what he was doing all that time before New Hope. There is just so much there it’s difficult to ignore when they explore life before Vader.

empyre 3Empyre #3> The tag-team action comes home! Wakanda is the battleground – as the Avengers and the FF unite to prevent a Vibranium-powered threat to all life as we know it! A long-lost Avenger returns to active duty – but will that be enough to turn the tide? And in space, interstellar intrigue threatens the fragile Kree/Skrull alliance…and the repercussions might just doom planet Earth!

Smurfs Take> Ok, didn’t love it but didn’t hate the first couple issues. Marvel might have learned on how to play the long game in story telling finally by not overflowing the reader with everything in the first two issues and spend the rest fixing it. I want to see how everything develops, see if it goes anywhere, and if there are real consequences and fall out. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.  

By the grace of The Five, the resurrection protocols can bring back any fallen mutant. But such a huge enterprise isn’t without its problems and complications… When a mutant dies, X-Factor is there to investigate how and why to keep the rules of reincarnation. Writer Leah Williams (AMAZING MARY JANE, X-TREMISTS) and artist David Balde n (DOMINO, WEB WARRIORS) take Northstar, Polaris, Prodigy, Eye-boy, Daken and Prestige into the world of murder and missing persons… (S) Leah Williams (A) David Baldeon (CA) Ivan Shavrin

Smurfs Take> Well this is an interesting idea that I’m waiting to go boom. This is a wild way to get some great characters back or is going to be a tool they abuse the hell out of. I’m compelled by who they might bring back more than anything as they explore the flexibility of life and death. Let’s face it the body count for mutants has been rather high over the years.

Cup HeadCuphead TP Vol 1 Comic Capers & Curios> Prone to unexpected predicaments and thrilling adventures, Cuphead and Mugman feature front and center in a series of short but sweet side stories that reimagine the world of the all-cartoon magical wondergame. This original graphic novel features all-new original tales, authentically drawn to match the glorious, award-winning vintage animation style of Cuphead!
An original graphic novel featuring the colorful characters of the Inkwell Isles. (S) Zack Keller (A/CA) Shawn Dickinson

Smurfs Take> Great game, brilliant art and style. Cuphead pulled me in deep would be putting it lightly and now I can get a little more of the story that is was so entertaining, perfect.


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