Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here and if there is one thing to be said about concerts of the 80’s it was the great stage shows that bands would put on. It felt like a small competition was going on that the general public wasn’t aware of as each show was more and more of a production and visual extravaganza trying to outshine the other bands. The standouts for me “Back in the day” were the likes of Alice Cooper, Kiss, ZZ Top, Motley Crew, and of course the show that would change my perception of what a rock concert should look and sound like; Pink Floyd.

Another band that I saw multiple times and locations, including the legendary McNichols arena and was always left speechless. Mostly from screaming the songs but the light show, props, just the total production that went on was absolutely incredible. It was a constant flow of music as each song was blended together to weave this musical narrative designed to entertain as it took you on a soul searching excursion. For today I give you Floyd’s visit to Red Rocks back in 2013, it may not have the stage production of years gone by but it still has the incredible music, and for one of the full performances look up their show at Mile High.

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