Quarters Worth

Your Quarter’s Worth Review of

Sam Jay’s 3 In The Morning


There’s nothing like a high quality stand-up special.

But with so many comedy specials to choose from via on-demand viewing these days it’s easy for new comics to slip through the cracks. Luckily I slowed down my late-night title scanning just enough to catch the trailer of Saturday Night Live writer Sam Jay’s brand new hour long special, 3 In The Morning.

sam jay

Truth be told, I haven’t watched much SNL since. . .let’s just say it’s been a real long time.

Since cutting the cord on cable I haven’t sought out the long-running sketch show. Sure, I catch the occasional YouTube clip at random, but I definitely wasn’t familiar with Jay’s previous work. Apparently she’s appeared on sketches and has been nominated for an Emmy for her writing on the show.

I can’t speak to Jay’s performance on SNL, but I can say without hesitation 3 In The Morning is flipping hilarious.

The special dropped a week ago on Netflix, and it’s truly a sleeper. I didn’t stop laughing for the entire hour. I even caught myself laughing at jokes a second time as they sank in and I really got them. The jokes were just that fresh and intelligent.


Jay is a African-American female who happens to be queer. Any of those traits on their own can be unusual in show business, let alone stand-up, but the up-and -coming star doesn’t bitch about the biz. She doesn’t tell the typical jokes people expect. Instead she makes her background and who she as a person a strength and the foundation of her comedy, while not allowing it to become a crutch to lean on.

Jay covers a range of topics in 3 In The Morning, and she is unafraid of taboos. She talks about believing she was straight growing up in the less-than inclusive city of Boston and not understanding why she didn’t like sex with men. She speaks about both wanting and not wanting to be a parent and how one’s choice in the country of origin of a child they adopt is a statement of social status. No topic is off-limits and Jay delivers in a way that doesn’t leave much room for viewers to be offended.


Jay refuses to tread lightly within sensitive topics, but she does so in a way that’s neither abrasive nor political. She uses phrases like Lit and Trash. If I heard any other young person saying them I would think they were an idiot, but somehow Jay sounds cool.

I recommend Sam Jay’s debut special to anyone with an open mind and the desire to laugh a lot. If you can check off both boxes, this is the perfect hour for you. 3 In The Morning was exactly what the funny bone doctor prescribed.

Check out 3 In The Morning on Netflix and find Sam Jay @samjaycomic on both Twitter and Instagram.

sam jay 2


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