Meat and Potatoes

NewMutantsEarly reviews are not good at all for “The New Mutants”. Apparently, this movie was made years ago and delayed because Fox was not impressed with it, then it was literally shelved during the whole Disney purchase of Fox. So, what we have now is Disney with nothing to lose and hoping that people who love movies will be desperate to go see anything at the theater. Well I am certainly guilty of that, and since it is a comic book movie I must go anyway. The only question I have is, will this be the worst X-Men film in the franchise?

*The MEAT* Story here is *Not Good* at all. And I say that with disappointment because they had a lot of stories to choose from in the comic books and they decided to just make up a new one that was weak to say the least. Very disappointing.

*The POTATOES* led by a still young Maisie Williams, known best from “Game of Thrones” was a *Pretty Good* cast of characters. I was impressed by their performances.

*The VERDICT* Yeah, this movie is *Pretty Bad”, not like ridiculous not making any kind of sense Bad, but just plain Boring Bad and taking forever to get to the point bad. So, save your money on this one. However, I will say this, “New Mutants” does have a good and entertaining ending. Therefore, it is not the worst X-Men movie. That distinction is still with “Dark Phoenix” for sure.

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