Classic Rock Wednesday

#Listener here and as the snow falls and we slip into September I think it’s safe to say summer has come to it’s forgone conclusion. So with that I would like to close out the concert series with a song I have been saving for last. It seems fitting to end it with this particular song for a few reasons, one being some of the footage shot of the crowd demonstrates the bonding along with the spirit of a summer concert and the Red Rocks experience that I have tried to share.

It’s funny, you can have a certain perspective of a band through their music and public appearances but it wasn’t till I met Dirty Heads that I found a great appreciation for them. They were just a bunch of cool, relaxed guys and to date one of my best experiences when meeting or hanging out with a band. So to wrap the up the summer season I give you End of the World,  I can only hope we come out on the other side next year a little bit wiser and a little bit stronger.

#CLRW #SummerConcerts #RedRocks #DirtyHeads #EndOfTheWorld #LiveMusic #Concert #Rock #5280Geek #StayGeeky

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