Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay is here and so is Smurfs picks to help you get started as you look out over the sea of shiny new covers. In addition to these be sure to take a look at the new Once & Future, Hulk 0, and Giant Sized Storm hitting shelves today as well. We are sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who is holding their Fan Expo October 3rd & 4th at the Double Tree By Hilton DIA admission is free. Now on to the countdown!

Batman #99> “The Joker War” part five of six! Things have changed, as Batman realizes he can’t fight this war alone. He’s going to need help. Before he faces down The Joker, he must call up his trusty partner Dick Grayson! But can Dick reclaim his lost memories in time to join the battle? (S) James Tynion IV (A) Jorge Jimenez

Smurfs Take> Thank god we finally get the right Nightwing back out of all of this! I love the idea of Batman losing his “Super Power” and the art has been spectacular, but I keep waiting for something bigger to happen. Maybe we got here too quickly and missed more of a buildup, or I’m just expecting too much from the Joker. Don’t get me wrong, Joker War has been good but could it have been better? How does it end and who walks away with the prize at this point is anyone’s guess.  

Iron Man #1> BIG IRON!
Tony Stark is looking to restart his engine. He decides he’s going back to basics, putting away his high-tech toys and high-profile image so he can get his hands dirty again. It’s time to dig into the guts of real machines, put on some old-fashioned metal and fly.
But can he really lay that Stark-sized ego down? Life isn’t that simple, something that old friends and frustrating foes are quick to point out. If you strip down a billionaire to his bolts, does he run solid or just overheat?
Tony’s going to find out once a threat to the entire universe rears its head from the past. As he suits up again, Tony remains sure of one thing: he’s still IRON MAN down to his flesh and blood core. (S) Christopher Cantwell (A/CA) CAFU

Smurfs Take> Another title that I always have big hopes for but always seems to fall short. I think the idea of Tony going back to the basics is fantastic, I have always thought the mid 80’s had some of the best stories and art. Getting back to that and closer to the classic style armor I think will be fun and a fresh look for the series.

Thor #7> SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MJOLNIR… And this is a poor time for the All-Father of Asgard to lose his primary weapon. The Golden City is in chaos after Galactus’ ill-timed visit, and there are new threats on the horizon. Thor needs his hammer now more than ever…and yet the Uru grows heavier with every passing day. What will it take for the God of Thunder to hang on to one of the most powerful weapons in the Multiverse? (S) Donny Cates (A) Aaron Kuder (CA) Olivier Coipel

Smurfs Take> Every issues has been top shelf and has exceeded expectations. Clever story telling at it’s best and continues to get stronger with the turn of every page and I got my answer to “what do you do after the Jason Aaron run”? You do this!

Stillwater #1> Nobody dies. In the town of Stillwater, that’s not just a promise. It’s a threat. Join superstar writer CHIP ZDARSKY (THE WHITE TREES, Daredevil) and Eisner Award-winning artist RAMÓN K PÉREZ (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, Jane) as they dive into a world of horror and intrigue in this new ongoing Skybound series. (S) Chip Zdarsky (A) Ramon K. Perez, Mike Spicer

Smurfs Take> When I think Image forefront of creative projects is the first thing that comes to mind. That hasn’t always been the case but every time they produce a new book I have to stop an give it a try just based on that fact alone. Willing to go outside of the normal, to challenge you, and entertain. Another horror title is not a bad thing and the story looks compelling. Hard not to pick this one up.    

DARTH VADER’S search for revenge against those who hid his son Luke reaches a terrible climax – at the tomb of PADMÉ AMIDALA! What secrets does he learn? And who will pay as a result? All the answers are coming – in the ruins of POLIS MASSA – the birthplace of Luke Skywalker! (S) Greg Pak (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) In-Hyuk Lee

Smurfs Take>  I always try to resist but I can’t help but want more stories when it comes to Vader. It’s been a solid run exploring the darker side of the Sith Lord and seeing the conflict as well as the rage this character carries. This story has been no exception to that and just damn good.

Detective Comics 1027> Light the Bat-Signal, because Detective Comics #1027 is here! In honor of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27, this special, book-size celebration brings you the biggest names in comics as they chronicle the most epic Batman adventures Gotham City and the DC Universe have ever seen! The World’s Greatest Detective has a mountain of cases to crack: Who murdered Gotham’s most corrupt police officer? What does The Joker’s annual visit mean for Bruce Wayne? And most importantly, what WayneTech mystery will sow the seeds of the next epic Batman event? All this and more await you within the pages of the biggest Batman issue of them all!

(S) Matt Fraction,  Brian Michael BendisPeter J. TomasiGrant MorrisonDan JurgensMariko TamakiGreg RuckaScott SnyderMarv WolfmanKelly Sue DeconnickTom King (A) Jim CheungJosé L. García LópezLee BermejoDan JurgensJamal CampbellDan MoraIvan ReisEmanuela LupacchinoRiley RossmoEduardo RissoChip ZdarskyDavid MarquezChris Burnham

Smurfs Take> Yeah, a bonus book this week but it was something that couldn’t be over looked. I try to avoid character overlap when listing titles but I think this is a special case given the benchmark for the issue and the ton of different covers produced (getting the Campbell one myself). I can hope that the next story hint is Batman taking over for Ra’s Al Ghul since Batman has really lost everything and it’s hard to fuel the Batplane when you’re broke.   

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