Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU sponsored by Siouxsiequeue’s (https://siouxsiequeues.com/,

Smurf is here with the latest in #GeekNews starting off with a follow up to last weeks breaking news of the end to the Supergirl series on the CW. South Park takes in a game, The Boys so far and more on Sandman coming to Netflix. Who should be the new James Bond? Marvel has all new dates for it’s projects, and is it still too early to head back to the theater. Duck Tales, Snake Eyes, more details on the X-Box hitting shelves November 10, and just how well did Hasbro do with it’s Pulse Con Last weekend.

Be sure to stop by All C’s Fan Expo this weekend to see Smurf and Gerry, free to all wanting to attend and the best way to spend a Saturday. All of this and more from the show awarded the Most Nerdtastic Podcast by the #Westword Magazine in 2019 available anywhere you enjoy listening to your favorite Podcasts including iTunes, I Heart Radio, and Spotify; this is your Weekend Geek Update.

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