Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU sponsored by Siouxsiequeue’s (https://siouxsiequeues.com/,  Smurf is here with a lighter week in #GeekNews. First off are thoughts on Discovery’s first episode that hit this week and if that wasn’t enough for your Doug Jones fix guess who’s making an appearance in a roll that started it all for him. Some rumors come true for #Willow (at last) and Buck Rodgers as well. Who does a serial killer kill when he’s out in the middle of nowhere? Smurf takes a stab at the answer with news of the return of Dexter. Green Lantern is a go at HBO Max and Smurf walks you through the characters and why Hal isn’t one of them.  

Duck Tails season 3, Batman takes a leap into the future, who is Miles texting in the new Spider-Man game, and an item from your childhood hits the auction block. All of this and more from the show awarded the Most Nerdtastic Podcast by the #Westword Magazine in 2019 available anywhere you enjoy listening to your favorite Podcasts including iTunes, I Heart Radio, and Spotify; this is your Weekend Geek Update.

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