Classic Rock Wednesday

Listener here, with all of the restrictions going on I have been able to get caught up on my movie watching and revisiting a few from the good old days. One such stop off was with the new Bill and Ted and then taking my own phonebooth ride back to the one that started it all. I am always pulled in by the choice in soundtracks, and while not everyone may have a Guardians of the Galaxy budget there were some great song choices available back in the 80’s. The original soundtrack for Bill and Ted, although not one of my favorites has some stellar bands on it but one that always stands out and most iconic is the one attached to the mall scene in the film.

The original song actually has words and for obvious reasons weren’t  used, covering up dialog or taking away from the moment in the film most likely. The song is called “Play With Me” and was performed by the late 80’s early 90’s power house Extreme. Granted they never made it too far past that with their biggest album being Pornograffitti with the standout song “Whole Hearted”. It begs the question of, is the song made by the scene or the scene by the song? It’s these choices that fascinate me, and while this is the perfect melding of sights and sounds some are not as fortunate. So for todays Classic Rock Wednesday….Thursday Edition I give you a moment that always makes me laugh regardless of what kind of mood I’m in.         

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