Your Quarters Worth

Your $600 Worth

What Not To Spend Your Second Stimulus Check On

Happy New Year 5280 Geeks. We made it.

Good riddance 2020. The year wasn’t entirely craptastic, but as Warren Buffett’s esteemed partner, Charlie Munger, has been known to state, “If you mix raisins with turds, they’re still turds.

Here’s some good news for you at the start of your new annum, the United States Congress and President Trump have decided to bestow upon us American citizens another pandemic stimulus relief check. Yay!

This time we’re only getting $600 per person. Boooo!

Not even enough for a decent 60 inch television or an airplane ticket to Hawaii.

While most Americans will pay bills or save their second stimulus, we’re all geeks here at 5280 Geek, and we see things a little differently.

Instead of being responsible with our money we’ll probably blow it on some action figures, comics, and untested new technology.

We have no desire to tell you how to spend your own share of the money, but we do have some suggestions on what not to spend your $600 on.

Here’s Your $600 Worth: What Not to Spend Your Second Stimulus Check On.

Back Alley COVID Vaccination

Strippers & Blow

Ceiling Fans From Home Depot

Political Contributions

Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets

A Trip To Super Mario World Japan

Another Man’s Trash

Investments In Viral Engineering

Festival Tickets

A Professional COVID Era Portrait


That’s a pretty comprehensive list of things not to buy with your second pandemic stimulus payout. Anything else you decide to blow it on is okay by us.

We’re looking at a few obscure Kickstarter campaigns ourselves.

It’s been our pleasure to bring you the most elevated geek news and culture all throughout 2020, as bleak as it was. We want to wish everyone the best in 2021 and beyond.

Stay stimulated out there. . .

And as always, stay geeky.

Written by John Andreula.

John’s sparingly on Instagram: JohnAndreulaWritesStuff

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