Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay and Smurf has a full list things to delight and amaze you for your trip down to the local shop. Thank god because it’s a full week from all of the publishers and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the #mustreads of the week. The #Top5 is sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who is offering cash for the items in your collection you’re ready to part with. Now, about those new comics:

The man once known as the Hulk is now neither man, nor Hulk – call him only THE MAESTRO! After deposing Dystopia’s ancient ruler, the Maestro sets his sights even bigger. It’s time the entire planet Earth recognized their one true god! But the Maestro isn’t the only immortal left…and if he wants to truly dominate the planet, he’ll have to face the most powerful beings in creation! PETER DAVID continues the tale that began decades ago in the legendary Future Imperfect! (S) Peter David (A) Javier Pina (CA) Dale Keown

Smurfs Take> The first series was everything I expected and even more with the few curves thrown in. Laying the foundation for the Maestro we will come to know, now expanding on that story is an added treat. God I have missed Peter David writing the Hulk.

The hottest party around is in full swing, and Ernie’s on the guest list! With Sister Mary there to keep him on track and Scorpionus agents in sight, what’s the worst that could happen? Dress is optional—scumbaggery is guaranteed. (S) Rick Remender (A) Roland Boschi Moreno Dinisio

Smurfs Take> Such an odd and pleasant little book…..It’s really hard to find the words to describe this title. It’s nothing like I expected, the art and story are fantastic and one of the most unique books on the shelves.  

King in Black #3> After last issue’s shocking finale, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are reeling. Outgunned and outmanned, but never outdone, they unite and face KNULL, God of the Abyss, as he ensnares the planet in the darkness of his reign! Superstars DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN continue to raise the game – and the stakes for the Marvel Universe in this Earth-shattering epic! (S) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Stegman

Smurfs Take> Alright, not going to lie but I have really enjoyed the first two issues for this series way more that I thought I was going to. The Cates/Stegman team have hit the cheap seats in both art and story for this title. Storytelling on a whole new level for Marvel, get the first couple of issues while you can this is going to be a hot series.  

Seven to Eternity #16> “SPRINGS OF ZHAL,” Part Three-In the penultimate issue of RICK REMENDER and JEROME OPE A’s fantasy epic, the honor of the Osidis family is put to a final test as offers are presented and an even greater threat is unleashed. (S) Rick Remender (A/CA) Jerome Opena, Matt Hollingsworth

Smurfs Take> It just keeps building and building with every issue and it’s spectacular

Future State: Shazam #1> No one’s seen Billy Batson in years-not since the incident known as the Final Battle of Titans Island. Now leading a small band of heroes, even his allies have begun to ask who’s controlling Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. In a story set years after the events of Future State: Teen Titans, learn the truth behind the sacrifice Billy made to imprison an ultimate evil even he couldn’t destroy. (S) Tim Sheridan (A) Eduardo Pansica

Smurfs Take> I’m sure this isn’t one you were expecting in the picks this week but out of all the Future State titles I’m most curious about this one. I have said it many times of how under used and missed used Captain Marvel/Shazam is by DC. So much potential just ignored, to be fair however the thing I both like and dislike about the character is the little kid alter ego. To change that or adjust it a little could be a very exciting read in my opinion.

Star Wars Mandalorian Art Collected HC Vol 2> Experience selections of the art from Chapters 5-8 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian! Includes art as seen in the Disney+ series directed by Dave Filoni and John Favreau, starring Pedro Pascal, as illustrated by some of Lucasfilm’s finest artists.

Smurfs Take> One of the many fantastic things about the series is the end credit scenes that showcases the art. I’m sure this is as close and most cost effective way to owning all of them. Granted you can’t hang it on the wall but just to enjoy the art and relive some of the moments of the show it’s perfect.

Marvel Gallery Handstand Spider-Gwen PVC Statue> A Diamond Select Toys release! Posting a handstand on a New York City rooftop, the web-slinger formerly known as Spider-Gwen leaps back into the Marvel Gallery line with this all-new sculpt! Measuring approximately 11 inches tall, this dynamic sculpture is cast in high-quality PVC and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. It comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Jon Matthews.

Smurfs Take> There have been a few statues for her that have moved rather quickly off the shelves. If you are looking to add one to your collection for a decent price this is a great option.  

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