Meat and Potatoes


Diving into the Netflix archives this week, I came across a solid GEM of a movie that was so good and poignant, especially today, that I must share.

*The MEAT* Based on the true story of Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter who was a victim of the famous Hollywood “Blacklists” of the late 1940s. “Trumbo” is simply an *Incredible and Frightening* historical account of what actually happened when people, because of their political opinions were silenced and even prosecuted for them. Scary times, indeed.

*The POTATOES* Bryan Cranston is simply *Fantastic* as Dalton Trumbo here. He gets completely into this character with his mannerisms and expressions that makes you pay attention to his every word. The acting is *Fantastic* here.

*The VERDICT* Even though “Trumbo” came out in 2015, it is still one of the *Best Films* I have seen all year. I can’t believe I missed this one the first time around because I love a good historical film. But more importantly, this movie will make you think and ask yourself; Can this happen again?

 “That’s where we disagree and that’s the point. We both have the right to be wrong.”

                                                                                                                       -Dalton Trumbo-

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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