Weekend Geek Update

#Podcast #WGU “The Beer Must Flow” with the first spotlight interview of the season as we sit down with Jeremy creator,  brewer, and beer enthusiast of Outworld Brewery. There is more to this amazing station who takes Sci-Fi and popculture just as serious as their craft filling glasses and hearts alike. Smurf talked about them last year in restaurants that helped him survive the COVID, now we get a little closer look and the back story to this oasis in Longmont including a guided tasting tour of the finest beer to ever grace a glass. You heard the story’s now witness the reactions as we sample the flavors and elements in action.   

Be sure to check out the video for this podcast on our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzuhSFHxLppk8DJ_IN8eMhQ

Please note all involved in this podcast tested negative for COVID  

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