Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay now this is a week I can dive into and come out a few days later. There is a lot to pick from this week and Smurfs #Top5 to get you started is sponsored by All C’s Collectibles; they’re offering cash for your collectables you no longer need or have room for. Plenty from the future state of DC accompanied by a number of trade paperbacks, Marvel has a Hulk and more while the independents do not disappoint. He’s Smurfs starting point and his take on this extra heavy week:

TMNT The Last Ronin #2> Secrets are revealed as we begin to discover what happened in the past to lead to this nightmarish future.  The Ronin meets an unexpected new ally but the Foot Clan begins an exhaustive sweep of the Bottom to find the vengeful mutant. And what role does Baxter Stockman play? (S) Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz (A) Kevin Eastman (A/CA) Esau Escorza, Issac Escorza

Smurfs Take> An amazing first issue! Felt like I was reliving my childhood as I blazed through the issue wondering what all had gone on and just who this turtle is. Did they tell us too soon who he was? Hard to say, it does leave a lot of room to expand on the story now. If you have ever liked the turtles, or familiar with them this is a must read without a doubt.  

After receiving a near-fatal injury from Korvac, Iron Man lands in emergency triage with his life on the line. Halcyon and Misty Knight work quickly to lock Tony in his armor and stanch his injuries…but now he can’t take it off or else he’ll die. With pieces of metal literally holding his body together, Tony regroups with his allies, all while trying not to give into his rage over being bested by Korvac. With Hellcat on the psychological ropes and his other hero compatriots recuperating from their own near-death experiences, can Tony muster what he needs in order to chase Korvac out into space and stop the mad demigod’s quest for ultimate power? Perhaps War Machine is just the friend Tony could use in this moment…but James Rhodes might only be there to bench a manic and battered Tony from action so that he doesn’t get killed. Still, as always, Tony has never been good at taking no for an answer… (S) Christopher Cantwell (A) CAFU (CA) Alex Ross

Smurfs Take> I’m really enjoying this series, waaay more then I have any other Iron Man title from the past few years. I know I have said that a lot regarding this series but it’s such a good take and fresh perspective for the character while pulling from his strength of the past. Not to mention the sold art that is just dialed in every week.   

Young Hellboy #1> Stranded on a strange island after a mishap on their way to a South American dig site, Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm are confronted by all manner of monsters! But even when the stranger who rescues them turns out to be one of Hellboy’s heroes, they aren’t as safe as they think they are!
Join Hellboy creator Mike Mignola as he teams with writer Tom Sniegoski, artist Craig Rousseau, and colorist Dave Stewart to bring you a tale of Hellboy’s childhood! (S) Mike Mignola, Thomas Sniegoski (A) Craig Rousseau (CA) Matt Smith

Smurfs Take> Hellboy as a kid? I’ll take two. Something I have been wishing they would do for years. Something a little different and a chance to see more of the father son dynamic that is such a foundation to the character.

King in Black #4> WHAT’S A GOD TO A KING? (S) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Stegman

Smurfs Take> This has been a lot of fun, great idea, well executed and thought out as the Black King has the Marvel Universe on it’s heel’s. This is what a crossover event looks like and has put the last few to shame.

Future State: Nightwing #2> It’s an all-new dynamic for the Dynamic Duo when Nightwing and Gotham’s mysterious new Batman join forces against the Magistrate. But when the totalitarian force controlling the city declares the two heroes their primary targets, Nightwing will need to call on the full force of his hidden resistance, including two Batgirls, Huntress, and Two-Face! But even then, will it be enough? Find out in this action-packed conclusion! (S) Andrew Constant (A) Nicola Scott

Smurfs Take> The first issue was a surprise hit for me and not what I was expecting. To be honest I think the Bat Family have had the better stories than the main title for this future experiment DC is running. I have always wanted to see more for Nightwing and this has elevated him nicely in the regard.

Strange Academy GN TP First Class> The Marvel Universe’s first school for sorcerers throws open its doors! The world has mysteriously changed in such an alarming way that Doctor Strange has finally done what he has avoided for decades and established an academy for the mystic arts! Young people from around the world with an aptitude for magic are brought together in New Orleans to study under Stephen Strange, Brother Voodoo, the Ancient One, the Scarlet Witch, Magik, Daimon Hellstrom and all your favorite Marvel mages. From mindful Mindless Ones to pan-dimensional games of tag, the Strange Academy is definitely living up to its name. But the students’ first field trip lights a fuse that is going to blow up in a big way! School’s in session – and it’s going to be spellbinding! Collecting STRANGE ACADEMY #1-6. (S) Skottie Young (A/CA) Humberto Ramos

Smurfs Take> With issues one and two kind of hard to come by this is the perfect way to at least see how it all started and get caught up to current. I have utterly enjoyed this series with the perfect balance of odd, fun, inventive characters, and storytelling.  There is so much more to this story than kids just learning magic and builds off one of the best Doctor Strange series from a couple of years ago. A Must Have Trade no doubt about it!

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