Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here with your Classic Rock Wednesday….Thursday edition. I have found myself in this conversation rather frequently over the years and true there is no correct answer I’m always surprised by the one I receive. There’s a stark contrast between these two bands but people when I poll them, still to this day side with one or the other and rarely both. Of course I’m referring to the Beatles vs. the Stones conversation that I am always excited to start. But for todays point of view and to continue with my movies and soundtracks I think there is one band that leads the way with films based completely on their songs and albums.   

To be completely honest I had no intention of seeing this film and felt that after Across the Universe I had my fill of Beatle fueled films. But a pandemic makes for unusual viewing habits and I found myself pulled into the exquisitely orchestrated film Yesterday. The soundtrack combined with this movie was so well arranged it pulled out emotions and reactions I didn’t expect to have. Fan of the music or not, this was a great approach to the birth of a music era the likes we will never see again. The standout moment for me that I have revisited many times is the music face off with Ed Sheeran and leaves me speechless every time. For your enjoyment and to slow down the day for just a few moments I give you Yesterday for your Classic Rock Wednesday.

#ClassicRockWednesday #Yesterday #Beatles #Soundtrack #EdSheeran #Music #TheListener #5280Geek #StayGeeky      

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