Meat and Potatoes

“Nomadland” is one of those simple low budget films that receives a lot of awards from film critics all over because it hits deep. It is the kind of film that plays all the film festivals, I would call it “Artsy” because it is hard to define.

*The MEAT* The story is about wandering people in their twilight years trying to survive and find something in a country that has abandoned them. It is depressing and enlightening at the same time, but mostly it is about loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of your world and loss of the American Dream. In fact, you can look at this film as a way of mourning what was. There are no plot twists or turns here, the film is just about *entering someone else’s life* for a while.

*The POTATOES* The acting in this movie is all Frances McDormand and that is plenty to carry this film for two hours. She is *So good* that you believe she and everyone else in this movie are regular, average people being filmed. Also, the beautiful and vast American landscape takes on a powerful character all in itself here.

*The VERDICT* “Nomadland” was a *Unique Film* for sure. It seems like a documentary, but it is not, yet it is not quite fiction either because it plays so *Real* almost too real. And if you let it suck you in, (which is not easy) it might just be the most powerful movie you will see this year, but it also might come across as a very boring film if you are not into this kind of “Artsy” storytelling. “Nomadland” left a big impression on me, maybe even a scar so yes, I do highly recommend it.

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