Your Quarters Worth


Your Quarter’s Worth Photo Review of BERSERK: DELUXE EDITION


BERSERK contains violent and sexual images. Buckle up.

Here we go. Some of us have had this on-again/off-again relationship with Kentaro Miura’s BERSERK over the past decades. The story and art are captivating, entertaining, and they’ll make you cover your mouth with your hand while saying OMG!

BERSERK has been made into multiple television anime series, a movie trilogy, and some video games for good reason. The ill-fated protagonist, Guts, struggles like Rick and Carl in a Japanese version of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead.

Except BERSERK predates TWD by fourteen years. Instead of zombies there’s demons. Pretty sure we’d all rather face a horde of zombies than the advent any day.

But enough borderline spoilers! Let’s get to the photos. Here’s some pics from the manga, currently being rereleased in the form of fantastic oversized hardcover DELUXE EDITIONs. We hope these gruesome images wet your blood-lust and entice you to check out the series.

Now go check out all the different ways to consume Kentaro Miura’s BERSERK, but start with the comprehensive DELUXE EDITIONs. They won’t disappoint.

That’s it for this special edition of Your Quarter’s Worth on one of our all-time faves. We’ll see you down the road. . .

. . .Unless the demons get to us first. Assuming they don’t, stay geeky!

Written by John Andreula


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