Munch Madness

March at last and that can mean only one thing, MUNCH MADNESS! This year it’s a pandemic inspired Munch Madness as the “B” league is called upon to fill out the shelves of the cereal aisle. Will the reigning champ Cinnamon Toast Crunch claim the golden bowl yet again? Only you can decide that as you vote on whom you would like to see advance in the bracket. The first bracket is live to vote right now on the 5280 Geek Face Book page. Good luck and may the spoonful be with you.

First up is the champ Cinnamon Toast Vs Brownie Crunch

Some all new flavors to the bracket as French Toast Vs Churros dive in

What do you prefer Jolly Ranchers Vs Kisses for your balanced meal to start the day

It’s the battle everyone has been waiting for Oreos Vs Chips Ahoy who is the crisper cookie in milk?

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