Munch Madness Round 2

Round one is all boxed up with a few surprises. Hope your favorite survived as we take a look at the standings before we start round two which looks to be a little crispier of matchups. Be sure to cast your vote on our Facebook page to help ensure your choice isn’t left out of the bowl.

It’s the hand held treats that are the hardest to leggo as this fight has been heating up for while Eggos Vs Poptarts.

It’s anyone’s guess who wins this and might be the stickiest of all the brackets as  HoneyBuns VS Twinkies stands to be the closest race.

There’s only one answer to what goes really great with coffee but we could witness an upset with Reese’s Puffs Vs Dunkin’.

Returning from last year to face off with the dark horse in this year’s bracket Cookie Crisp Vs S’mores, a story book end possible for whoever doesn’t get roasted.

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