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#NewComicsDay all new books and that means an all new #top5 picks from Smurf to make sure you don’t miss anything. Sponsored by All C’s Collectibles who offers delivery service if you can’t make it in and can’t do without your books. Without any further delay here is what you can find awaiting you on the shelf:

Strange Academy #9> It’s PARENTS’ DAY at Strange Academy! For most students, it’s a joyous day, but for Calvin Morse, an orphan…not so much. So while the rest of the parents go on a scavenger hunt around campus, Calvin and an unlikely friend face something truly scary. (S) Skottie Young (A/CA) Humberto Ramos

Smurfs Take> I don’t think it would be all that much of a stretch to say this is Marvels best title right now. There are a few close seconds without a doubt but this title has been on point from issue one and shows no signs of slowing down. Do whatever is necessary to get caught up with this series and add it to your pull because you’re missing out.

The Joker #1> Following the events of Infinite Frontier #1, the Joker is the most wanted man in the world! But the Clown Prince of Crime is several steps ahead of law enforcement—and he’s on the run overseas. James Gordon, facing retirement, realizes this is the manhunt of his life and the last piece of a storied career…but what mysterious and deadly forces are also in pursuit of the Joker?

And in the backup story, following the events of the smash hit Punchline #1, DC’s most controversial new villain navigates the infrastructure of Blackgate Penitentiary. While on the outside, Harper Row takes up the mantle of Bluebird to stop her brother from falling under Punchline’s influence. (S) Sam johns  (A) Guillem March, Mirka Andolfo

Smurfs Take> If there is one title this week that I’m both excited and leery of this one would be it. The last few Joker stories have not been all that great in my opinion and having one more so soon might be overkill. I love the Joker, same as any other Batman fan but can there be too much and there are a lot of other villains we could shift the focus to. One of the thigs I like the most about Joker is you never know where or when and fear DC might just kill that image with saturating us with the character. I mean, he’s not Wolverine after all.  

Deep Beyond #2> Paul hasn’t recovered from the mysterious Jolene’s shocking resemblance to Pamela, and for the meek and fearful scientist, the situation is already getting worse. The scary sea monsters who rushed them seem to be unbeatable. Will they find a way to survive? Outside help will be needed… and luckily, they will make some new friends who will help them survive. And in the meantime, Pam is still trapped in the deep ocean. (S) Mirka Andolfo, David Goy (A/CA) Andrea Broccardo

Smurfs Take> Great first issue, defiantly want more and while DC and Marvel keep mucking about Image keeps producing solid stories. Perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy with a dash of horror. It’s terrific!

Matt Murdock is a killer – but while he’s serving his time as the masked vigilante called Daredevil, Hell’s Kitchen has suddenly been left without a guardian devil.
Or it was, until ELEKTRA NATCHIOS took it upon herself to protect Murdock’s neighborhood and his legacy as the NEW DAREDEVIL!
But she’s already got her work cut out for her: WILSON FISK remains seated as New York’s mayor, with TYPHOID MARY, THE OWL, HAMMERHEAD and other lethal – and FAMILIAR – foes at his beck and call… (W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto

Smurfs Take> This story has gone in all kinds of different directions than I thought it was going to. Thanks to the King In Black bleeding over into the title and an already interesting twist this has been an awesome read. I love Kingpin as the mayor of NY, I know I have said that before but great idea and it’s awesome to see Typhoid hard at work.

Taskmaster #4> TARGET: OKOYE!
The Rubicon Trigger is a doomsday device that the world’s greatest superspies thought they had locked away forever – until someone murdered MARIA HILL to get to it! Taskmaster’s next stop to prevent global destruction? Sunny Wakanda, of course! Home to Okoye and the feared Dogs of War! (S) Jed MacKay (A) Alessandro Vitti (CA) Valerio Giangiordano

Pop Deluxe Mandalorian Child with Canister> From Funko.  The Child has found an egg canister. Though instructed not to touch things, like most younglings, the Child has other plans. Collect Pop! The Child-inspired bobblehead as the bounty for your Star Wars collection. Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 4.15-inches tall.

Smurfs Take> Little Baby Yoda wants a snack….Need I say more?

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