Your Quarters Worth

This Was Our Past

It’s kinda crazy right, how different the world is from when we were kids?

Back then, before we became Millennials, children born in the early 1980s were the last of a different breed. We were a tougher, more resilient free generation.

We used to ride bikes until after dark. Parents didn’t have tracker apps on their cell phones constantly informing them of our location. Neither they nor we had smart phones or LTE. We were barely just discovering the existence of the internet and cellular technology.

If parents wanted us to check in and let them know we were okay we had to drop a quarter into the shiny slot of a pay phone at some local convenience store or gas station to let the them know we were still alive. Like I said, things were quite different.

I was scrolling Goodreads recommendations after logging completion of some Y.A. graphic novel recently and came across the book This Was Our Pact. The stunning image of the cover (seen above) grabbed at my attention. The book had 4 out of 5 stars over over 4000 ratings on Goodreads. I decided to read it.

This Was Our Pact was written by Ryan Andrews. It was published by First Second in the summer of 2019.

It’s is the story of a group of neighborhood kids whose community celebrates the Autumn Equinox Festival by releasing paper lanterns down the local river. Legend and song tell the children that the lanterns make their way down the river to become the stars they see in the sky each night.

This group of kids curiously determine to see it happen for themselves. They make a pact to ride their bicycles along the river to see the transformation for themselves.

Unfortunately, promises usually aren’t as easy to keep as they are to make. Luckily, This Was Our Pact isn’t just the story of neighborhood kids riding their bikes.

The book’s art is wonderfully imagined and beautifully drawn. The story is as magical and fantastic as it reminds those of us over a certain age of our childhoods and that world long gone.

The children encounter a talking fisherbear, a mountain mystic, and a tribe of gypsy immortals while on their journey. The themes range from self-reliance to discovering who our true friends are and more.

And there are pages and panels where you just say, “Wow!”

I give 4 out of 5 Quarters to This Was Our Pact as well.

I recommend everyone reads it, but I’m not entirely certain it will have much reread value. The book spoke to me and my childhood in a way that not many do, so perhaps I’m not being generous enough.

Check out the first chapter for yourself for free on Ryan Andrew’s website and then borrow or buy a copy for yourself.

We hope you enjoyed Your Quarter’s Worth for this week. We’ll be back with another rating and recommendation real soon. Until then, you know the drill, stay geeky.

Written by John Andreula

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