Your Quarters Worth

Your Quarter’s Worth Collector’s Edition:

Todd McFarlane’s
Original SPAWN Action Figure


Sometime last spring, 5280 Geek editor extraordinaire, Kodid, was surfing the internets and stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign from none other than comic book/action figure legend Todd McFarlane.

McFarlane decided he was going to redesign his original 1994 SPAWN action figure. He was going to create a modernized version and a monochrome artist’s proof as well. They would all be two inches bigger than the original and McFarlane was going to crowd-source the whole endeavor.

The eccentric creator would offer individual versions of the updated classic collectible along with a trilogy option that would include bonuses for the discerning collector. McFarlane set a modest goal of $100,000 and let the chips fall where they may. . .

23,761 backers, nearly 3.5 million dollars, and almost a year later, “Trilogy” packages have begun arriving at homes stateside.

The following is a special collector’s edition of Your Quarter’s Worth. We’re chronicling the unboxing of the Trilogy. Enjoy.

Our Trilogy in boxes. My assistant approves.
First the Remastered Classic figure.
All three figures in their boxes.
Different views of the packaging with foil lettering!
Classic Version slipcase with SPAWN logo in black
Each figure includes certificate of authenticity and sheet showing comparisons between this model and the original
Look at all this cool stuff! There’s a giant sword behind the hand signed Todd McFarlane (not pictured).
Want some heads?
Here’s the classic SPAWN Remastered. This is what you received if you ordered it outside of the trilogy.
The package backer is a new foil cover reprint of SPAWN #1.
Includes extra hands, weapons, a huge cape and metal chains.

There’s the giant sword along with a dagger that was hidden behind the bonuses in the earlier photo.
Here’s the Modern variant with bonus cannon and Al Simmons’ head.
SPAWN #1 Modern variant with more head.
Single color Artist’s Proof version of the Classic Remaster.
What you got if you didn’t splurge on the trilogy.
Artist proof B&W Variant cover.
The whole shebango!
My lovely assistant and I doing our bonus head pose.

The set wasn’t cheap. It cost us $189 after shipping. Individual, non-trilogy versions of each figure were also available at $40 each plus shipping. Those didn’t include the McFarlane autograph or all the extra accessories pictured above. Hopefully these three SPAWN figures will grow in value like some Tesla stock or Bitcoin. If not, we’ll have to have some epic action figure battles.

If you enjoyed this journey into the screaming mouth of geekdom as much as we did let us know in the comments below.

And be sure to check back for more strange and unique 5280 Geek content throughout the rest of the week here on and our YouTube and Instagram page as well.

Until the next go round, stay geeky!

Shout out to Kodid for the photo documentation, editing, and of course, for discovering and approving the Kickstarter purchase.

Written by John Andreula

Pics and edits by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

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