Munch Madness Championship

The long awaited championship that everyone looks forward to in March is here. It’s the Munch Madness Golden Bowl! Where todays champion is tomorrows breakfast as these two rivals face-off in a bitter rivalry. It’s been a long hard battle in this young man’s game for these two, but it’s down to crunch time.

The championship is set, the contenders are ready to face off in what can be called the biggest clash of spoons for the golden bowel. Be sure to cast your vote on our Facebook page[0]=AZWYUffGtZ4rEf3EeD_pHxPMH2CLF9GQrHngAhyUIxHAcHPBd5HE62M7OHSyI1-M4iUbiXRBzl9wYfNesg5DKbbwoOW4sk9WTkCpvHL8jIHL1ngA6JaMg-jziScmIysgF7e7gZIMLZApHyXn98dGlZ6LqkisKHmknwV0fsVBkmw–jIDwmuIv6I7_9mG03S9Yrg&tn=kC%2CP-R

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