Meat and Potatoes


Finally, we have a big budget *Popcorn Movie* Event. It has been way too long since a movie has been made and released to maximize the Theater Experience for us. And this week we have “Godzilla vs. Kong” being that much anticipated movie. Now, I was not happy with the last “Godzilla” movie because it did not have enough Godzilla in it or Godzilla fights, so I am not asking for much here, just more Godzilla and more fights with collateral damage of course.

*The MEAT* It is an old school Monster Movie, so the story just has to be good enough to hold the movie together in between the Monster fights. And if possible, kind of explain how it all came to be, not asking for much here, just a little. I am glad to report the story does *Just That* it will hold your attention just fine between all the action. Just remember, you need to stretch the imaginations here, Big time… lol

*The POTATOES* Kong’s acting has come a long way since Claymation and animatronics. The Special effects team here does a *Fantastic Job* of showing emotions and giving him a totally realistic look. And Godzilla is outstanding too, I do miss old “googly eyes” Godzilla though. Oh, and the humans in this movie did okay, by the way.

*The VERDICT* Yes, yes, and YES!  “Godzilla vs. Kong” delivers the popcorn here magnificently. The Special Effects are just off the charts and the fight scenes do not disappoint at all; I’m talking a lot of collateral damage and destruction here. The Dolby theater was loud, people were cheering, and I felt every hit vibrate through the seats it was a *Rocking Good Time* and you need to enjoy this one in the theaters, because you just can not get the same feeling at home…. Finally!!!

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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