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Alice in Borderland

Life is busy. For that reason, it’s difficult to catch all the stuff coming out on their release dates.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. Your Quarters Worth is leveled up at being at least a few weeks behind on most shows, movies, albums, and books—It’s kind of our thing.

Fashionably late is what the kids used to call it. That’s why we use the term now.

This week we checked out the television adaptation of the black and white Manga Alice in Borderland by Haro Aso.

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese televison show that dropped on Netflix this past December. It spans 8 episodes, each around 50 minutes in length. It’s filmed in Japanese language with English subtitles.

Word on the nerd-nets is that the season covers about half of the graphic novel series.

Alice in Borderland is basically what you get when Koushun Takami’s formerly banned novel Battle Royale has a baby with the movie Saw.

Put another way, don’t get too attached to any of the characters. They’re likely not going to make it, kind of like anyone in The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

That doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the story, however. Better them than us.

We know what you’re thinking, That doesn’t look very safe.

You’re right. It doesn’t. The photo above depicts a serious risk of electrocution, and one of the many, many ways the show’s characters are put at risk playing games of strength, speed, teamwork, or betrayal; all while trying to figure out a way to escape the surreal alternate reality Murderworld they’re trapped in.

Maybe we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. . .

Imagine getting into some trouble with your boys. You hide out together in the stall of a public restroom to avoid getting busted by the fuzz.

After a creepy knock on the stall door the power goes out. The three of you wait a minute before coming out of the crapper to discover everyone has disappeared. You check your cell to see what’s going on, but your phone isn’t working. As a matter of fact, no electronically controlled devices are functioning at all.

What do you do? You take to the streets and try to enjoy your impromptu solitude.

Hours later a sign lights up on the side of a building telling you it’s game time. You don’t know what kind of game it will be, but you’re here at 5280 Geek so you’re a seasoned vet, so What the heck, let’s play!

The game turns out to be a morbid game of death. If you leave the playing arena a laser beam drops out of the sky and shoots through your head. You die. If you play and lose, you die some other gruesome death. Even if you win, you probably don’t feel too great about how you overcame the game.

At least you get a playing card for your efforts.

Choose not to enter the game arena and your ‘Visa’ expires in three days. If that happens, here come the lasers.

The games are inventive and dark and oftentimes other players are just as dangerous as the challenges set forth by the mysterious gamemasters.

And that’s just the first episode. . .

The acting is intense and personal. The production design and special effects are top notch. In summation, Alice in Borderland is dope.

You’ve got to watch Alice in Borderland whenever you get some time. The show’s climax and cliffhanger ending leave you wanting more.

Lucky for all of us the show is renewed for its second season as of December 14th, only a week after it dropped on Netflix. We certainly know what we’ll be doing at some random amount of time after the next episodes grace our queue.

We’ll be checking out the Alice in Borderland Mangas in the meantime as well.

That’s it for this installment of Your Late to the Party Quarter’s Worth. Be sure to check back soon to find out what other amazing, creative works of art and media we’ve been sleeping on, but finally got around to.

And if you’ve watched or read Alice in Borderland let us know if you’re as excited for the upcoming season as we are in the comments section below.

Otherwise, don’t ever be ashamed to be late to the party as long as you show up in style.

Review by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

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