Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here for your Classic Rock Wednesday….Thursday edition. Maybe it’s the change of the season or the news that live shows will be returning that has me all excited for the summer months. I know we are far from “in the clear” but the positive strides forward has left me optimistic as I search out who might start touring once again. It’s an easy rabbit hole to fall down as I compare my wish list to the possible while listening to an unknown mix of my own making. That’s when I come across this local grown band that I would love to see again recalling the day when I saw their first big hit show up on Myspace (Is that even around anymore?).

It’s strange to think there was a slight chance of One Republic not making it as a major band as Columbia dropped them just before the release of the first album. It goes to show you that somethings are just meant to be and there’s no fighting fate as a remix of “Apologize” from Timberland served as a springboard for the second album. I admire the skill and range that Ryan Tedder has as a musician and the little surprises he pulls during a live show. Case in point for todays choice of music, yes I know I could have gone with Counting Stars from the third album. Great video and their first album to reach the top ten but I wanted something a little different and showcasing that range I mentioned as you will see in the transition between two songs for todays Classic Rock Wednesday.

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