Your Quarters Worth


Written by John Andreula
Disclaimer: This is definitively the geekiest article I’ve ever written. I sincerely hope you enjoy it whether or not you’re a MAGIC fan.
Is that a game deck in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

MAGIC THE GATHERING has found a new home on smart phones.

As of March 25th the free-to-play online multiplayer iteration of MAGIC, ARENA is now available on all IOS and Android devices.

Before ARENA‘s launch players have been able to limit this, the highest extension of their geekdom, to when they could sneak down into the basement and log a few rounds before anyone caught them.

Now they appear as if they’re checking out porn on their phones all day, everywhere they go.

Again MAGIC ARENA is available for free!

No more having to sit across the table from smelly guys at the comic shop during tournaments—B.O. be gone!

No longer do gamers have hear, “X-miscellaneous starlet on Y-miscellaneous comic or video game-based TV show or movie is so hot.”

And if anyone has an impulse to buy a booster pack or a box of them they can just poke their phone instead.

Following a brief download from the app store and a huge, battery and time consuming data update once activated, players eventually will be able to familiarize themselves with the U.I. and then square off against other like-minded dorks from around the globe.

And no offense, dorks, but it takes one to know one. My wife didn’t marry me for my skill with my deck alone.

I recommend MAGIC ARENA for anyone not too embarrassed to say they love MAGIC THE GATHERING in a public place, maybe even for those who are a bit more reticent. Just don’t expect much of a social life afterwards—Just kidding, but seriously.

There’s already a ton of free boosters and add-ons for gamers savvy enough to complete a quick web search—Hint: Search: Promotion Codes.

Definitely check out the YouTube video below for a hilarious MAGIC ARENA commercial featuring the legendary duo of Danny Trejo and Patton Oswald.

That’s it for this strange and surreal edition of YOUR QUARTER’S WORTH. I hope you enjoyed my tongue-in-cheek take on one of my favorite less-spoken of pastimes come to cell phones today. If not, oh well

And if you’re playing, be sure to send me a friend request. My gamertag is: Loudmouf

All photos courtesy of Wizards of the Coast. . .maybe.

John Andreula is a neutral good, fire bending, Dragon of the Earth who has yet to reach Super Saiyan, but is actively pursuing the level in his Kung Fu training. John’s also an occasionally paid writer, adventurer, reformed collector and salesman of things. He enjoys long walks in nature with his family, naps, and most geeky things.

More of his hacky content is available at

And check him on Insta @JohnAndreulaWritesStuff

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