Classic Rock Wednesday

#CLRW Listener here for your Classic Rock Wednesday….Thursday edition. It’s funny how a persons music rotation works out sometimes. How it choose one song from the next and sometimes leaps from one style to something entirely different. Now while I may be in a particular headspace you can always depend on music to break you out of it and start you on a new path, like opening the windows and letting some fresh air in. Granted the song itself is nothing fresh and has seen it’s fair share of play time around on the web; it was just what I needed to realign. This is the one song that’s almost impossible to listen to without watching the video to get the full impact. I think it’s because of the video that it’s carried the song so much further than it would have as just the song alone.

It was through a friendship that this even happened and without Christopher Walken Weapon of Choice might have looked very different. Walken trained as dancer in musical theater before becoming an actor and yes it’s him dancing in the video. It’s because of his friendship with Spike Jonze that Fatboy Slim ended up with a megastar strutting his stuff for one of the most memorable videos of all time. The song itself is interwoven with multiple layers of sampled songs and hidden meanings to the lyrics i.e. “attract the worm” is a Dune reference. The song only made it to the 10th spot on the charts while the video cleaned up with awards even Walken earning a Moonman for best Choreography. So this is me dancing my way into your Thursday, busting open with windows with Weapon of Choice for your Classic Rock Wednesday.

#CLRW #ClassicRock #ElectronicMusic #Fatboyslim #WeaponofChoice #ChristopherWalken #bestmusicvideo #TheListener #5280Geek #StayGeeky       

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