Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay is here right in the middle of May the fourth and revenge of the fifth, it’s almost more than a nerd can take. Never the less we shall endure, and push forward in all our collecting to become the best nerd possible. And our sponsor All C’s Collectibles is here to help with that quest with their free to attend Fan Expo June 12 & 13. Now start the montage music for Smurfs #Top5 stacked high ready to fly:

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Alpha #1> THE STAR WARS COMIC EVENT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! The notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT has finally landed his greatest prize – HAN SOLO, frozen in carbonite for easy transport. Fett will bring the smuggler to TATOOINE to collect the massive bounty placed on Solo’s head by the fearsome crime lord JABBA THE HUTT. Sounds easy. What could go wrong? (S) Charles Soule (A/CA) Steve McNiven

Smurf Take> Probably one of the most frequently asked questions in Star Wars lore is about to be answered. What did happen when Boba took Han? The last Bounty Hunter series was great but I have a feeling this one will blow it away as they expand the Empire story a little. Every Star Wars fan will want this and there’re a ton of different covers to choose from on this issue.

Strange Academy #10> FIELD TRIP! The students of Strange Academy are off on their first field trip. Hope everyone got their permission slips in! They’re off to Alvi & Iric’s home– ASGARD– where you’ll something truly shocking about these twins! Emily hasn’t fully recovered from the events of #6… will she find something in Asgard to help her heal?  (S) Skottie Young (A/CA) Humberto Ramos

Smurfs Take> Best Marvel series! It feels like forever since the last issue! The title that has it all and shows no sign of slowing down. So many different things going on in this series and we have barely started

Nocterra #3> “FULL THROTTLE DARK,” Part Three Know the signs: black gums, gnarled bones, and haunting yellow eyes. When you spot a human shade out there in the endless night…run. (S) Scott Snyder  (A) Tomeu Morey Tony Daniel

 Smurfs Take> I’m hooked! The last two issues have done an amazing job filling out this world and the story. There really isn’t another book out there that I can think to compare it too and that’s terrific. The perfect place for Snyder to explore some of the darker side to his story telling is absolutely welcomed.

Heroes Reborn #1> A WORLD WITHOUT AVENGERS!   
Welcome to a world where Tony Stark never built an Iron Man armor. Where Thor is a hard-drinking atheist who despises hammers. Where Wakanda is dismissed as a myth. And where Captain America was never found in the ice because there were no Avengers to find him. Instead this world has always been protected by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Squadron Supreme of America. And now the Squadron faces an attack from some of their fiercest enemies, like Dr. Juggernaut, the Black Skull, the Silver Witch and Thanos with his Infinity Rings. But why is the Daywalker Blade the one man alive who seems to remember that the entire world has somehow been…reborn? (S) Jason Aaron (A) Ed McGuinness (CA) Leinil Francis Yu

Smurfs Take> I know I wasn’t too happy about the announcement of this and not truly understanding what Marvel was planning. It’s only because of the faith I have in the creative team and me wanting to know more that I’m giving it a try. It’s an interesting concept but not the Marvel landscape I want to see going forward.

Crime Syndicate #3> With the Crime Syndicate’s forces combined for the first time, seeds are sown to change the world forever. But before that can happen, Ultraman, Superia, Johnny Quick, Atomica, and Emerald Knight must survive a final battle with the biggest Starro of them all-and each other! Plus: Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor makes his debut! Question of the month: On Earth-3, are Starros friends or foes? And in the backup story, witness the origin of Superwoman in tale illustrated by superstar artist Bryan Hitch! (S) Andy Schmidt  (A) Bryan Hitch, Kieran McKeown

 Smurfs Take> When you think about it the only way we can ever see some characters use the full extent of their powers and what they are capable of is if they were villains. I believe its one of the many reasons I’m enjoying this series as much as I am. With all of the different choices coming out of DC at the moment this has been one of the more interesting stories for me in an otherwise rather disappointing display from DC.


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