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Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!

Your Quarter’s Worth Reviews DRAGON BALL SUPER

By now you’re into DRAGON BALL, or you’re not.

For those who haven’t been and never will be, it’s okay. Interstellar martial arts Japanimation isn’t for everyone.

For those who get down with action-packed artistic cartoons from across the Pacific, there’s DRAGON BALL SUPER.

Some were introduced to Dragon Balls back in the 1980’s when the main character/Japanese Superman, Goku, receives one from his Grandfather Gohan on his deathbed. Others boarded the DRAGON BALL train late with the manga/show’s second iteration, DRAGON BALL Z, or later through the lesser known DRAGON BALL GT.

Then a decade after the GT went off the air, creator Akira Toriyama decided he wasn’t down with where the caretakers of his brand had gone with the series. It didn’t align with his vision. He decided to rewrite Goku and his friends’ history–or shall we say future–with DRAGON BALL SUPER.

Toriyama seems to have an infinite supply of characters, story arcs, and inspiration for his universe. He is now pleasing a third generation of DRAGON BALL fans.

DRAGON BALL SUPER is the greatest of the universe by miles. In terms of technical animation and story pacing, none of the previous iterations even compare.

SUPER‘s 131 episodes across ten seasons go by in flash. The culminating classic animation styling and modern computer rendering mesh beautifully. Everything from the strain on characters’ faces to the ‘Pew Pew Pew’ of the explosions are a wonder for the senses.

After vanquishing the baddest villains in his universe, Goku and his Z Fighters find their next challenges in the heavens and across the multiverse in DRAGONBALL SUPER. Twelve gods of destruction, a Goku doppelganger from the future, and even the multiverse’s eccentric and jovial creator play major roles in the events of the latest series.

Of course, in true DRAGON BALL form, all the Saiyans reach new skills and somewhat excessive levels of ascension. The ending even feels like a true completion, even though the manga is still ongoing in Japan.

In building a review I must mention some negatives, but with DRAGON BALL SUPER there’s so little to nitpick. But you need Your Quarter’s Worth, so here’s my dig: The storyline plays out in basically the same predictable way all of the DRAGON BALL universe has up until now.

In a world where fans come for more of what they love, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And with DRAGON BALL SUPER we want to see Goku kick some ass–and maybe Vegeta complaining about it. But aside from knowing the good guys will always win in the end, DRAGON BALL SUPER is a near flawless Anime offering.

Anyone who is deciding to jump into the DRAGON BALL story at this point has a ludicrous amount of catching-up to do, but they’re in for a serious treat when they get with DRAGON BALL SUPER. However, with so much content to chew on, good luck getting there.

That’s it for Your Quarter’s Worth for this week.

Now get out of here and watch some DRAGON BALL SUPER. . .before we go Autonomous Ultra-Instinct and hit you with a Kaio-Ken Kamehameha.

Review by John Andreula. Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk.

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