Weekend Geek Update Spotlight

#Podcast #WGU the latest in #Geeknews and #Popculture sponsored by https://siouxsiequeues.com/,   ! This week it’s a spotlight edition of Weekend Geek Update as Smurf talks with Xander Smith. You may not know the name but you have seen his work. Xander is the concept artist behind the villain in Scream Queens and more recently a monster in Godzilla Vs. Kong. They talk horror, his influences and experiences on his last few projects.

But before all of that Smurf mixes up a couple of nerdy rum inspired cocktails in the Taste Buddz Bar to start off the interview. A little rum a few stories, Xander tries his hand a being a Ghostbuster, and whole lot of excitement for all on your Weekend Geek Update.

Podcast Link:

YouTube Link:

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