Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay the countdown to next weeks new titles has begun but let take a look at what’s landed this week. Here are Smurfs #Top5 picks for this lighter week sponsored by All C’s Collectibles Fan Expo June 12 & 13, free to all who want to attend. Now we got five stacked high ready to fly:

CHEWBACCA has heard from an old friend with intelligence on the location of notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT, known to be in possession of HAN SOLO. Along with LUKE SKYWALKER, the loyal Wookiee sets off in search of his lost friend, on an adventure to Nar Shadaa… the SMUGGLER’S MOON! But will this mission prevent plucky astromech droid ARTOO DETOO from passing along a crucial message to Luke, one that will affect the fate of the entire Jedi Order…? (S) Charles Soule (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Carlo Pagulayan

Smurfs Take> This right here is what I wanted to see when Marvel and Disney merged. A chance to expand on some of the open areas of the time line, answer a few questions, and give us some great stories. Last week’s Bounty Hunter Alpha was perfect and gave the fans something to talk about. Now with this weeks issue of Star Wars; more of the story more answers, it’s like living the movies all over again. The only thing missing are the sound effects and I’m sure you can supply your own.

Fantastic Four #32> THE BRIDE OF DOOM!
Part 1: “Betrothal”
The HUMAN TORCH’s love life is changed forever when he must choose between his soulmate and his ex-wife…
And is Johnny Storm’s first heartbreak, CRYSTAL, back in the book?! This is all too much! Fortunately, there is also a lot of punching, hitting and clobbering going on! All this and an ominous decree by DOCTOR DOOM! PLUS: A second tale in which Reed Richards duels Doctor Doom for the strangest prize imaginable! (S) Dan Slott (A) R. B. Silva, Javier Rodriguez (CA) Mark Brooks

Smurfs Take> Everybody loves a wedding. This looks to be a great story and I think over the past few years they really haven’t done Doom justice and have kind of neglected him as a character. The FF title itself has been kind of flat for me, it’s great to see the whole gang back but I think to get this book on track you need Doom.

Geiger #2> They found it-out in the atomic wasteland, a relic from before the war! But what is it: a tool to bring hope back to humanity, or a weapon to finish what the bombs started? Depends on who gets it: the Casino Warlords of Las Vegas or the man called Geiger!
By the critically acclaimed team of GEOFF JOHNS, GARY FRANK and BRAD ANDERSON! (S) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Gary Frank, Brad Anderson

Smurfs Take> First issue was good. Didn’t hate it but was swept away with waves of radiation soaked euphoria. However the one thing I have learned by reading all of Geoff Johns stories, he does take a moment to build up, lay a solid foundation for the characters and story so you care about them. The payoff has always been there so I’m fine with the slower start, it’s a chance for a decent build up.   

Guardians of the Galaxy #14> A WHOLE GALAXY OF TROUBLE!
As half the team defends the Kree/Skrull Throneworld against a deadlier threat than they’ve ever faced before…the other half investigates a terrifying sacrificial cult on a mysterious planet…with the power to plunge the universe into war. Plus: A new space hero…joins…the team…No way. (S) Al Ewing (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Brett Booth

Smurfs Take> Felt so good! This is the Guardians I have missed for the last few years and was like the mid 2000’s again. I know the movie help shape a lot of the more recent comics and not saying that’s a bad thing but it’s nice to see a return to this kind of Guardians.   

Joker #3> The hunt for The Joker is under way, as Jim Gordon heads to a remote part of South America to run down a lead…and comes face-to-face with the Clown Prince of Crime himself! The mystery around A-Day deepens, but not before an attack by the blood-thirsty Sampson family! And in the Punchline backup story, Punchline has to face off against the Queen of Spades’ new muscle…Orca! At the same time, Bluebird’s investigation at Punchline’s alma mater takes a dark and horrifying turn! (S) Sam Jones  (A) Mirka Andolfo, Guiller March

Smurfs Take> Funny thing about this is, it’s just as much a story about the Joker as it is about Jim Gordon. Am I still concerned about overexposure of the Joker? A bit yeah, hard not to when DC is trying a new direction but so far the story has been great and way better than anticipated.

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