Classic Rock Wednesday

As I continue to revisit old movies and their accompanying soundtracks this is the one that I believe has had the biggest cultural impact in more ways than one. The movie helped shape a generation…hell generations as it gave a voice and substance to life as it was; already in progress. Adding to that message and putting some weight behind it was the song that amplified that voice and it’s statement still echoing today.

It was the perfect storm in 1985 for everyone involved with the mega hit by John Hughes called the Breakfast Club. It was also the launching pad for a band out of Glasgow named Simple Minds giving them their first international hit. Is it the song that helped shape the movie? Was it the motley crew of a cast? No doubting the genius behind Hughes writing but could the impact of the film be less without Simples Minds anthem for the movie and to the generations it has inspired since? Simple Minds have achieved immortality with “Don’t Forget about Me” and further cemented by the hits that followed. Both still impacting the culture no matter which way you look at, and I’m alright with that. Simple Minds is still active with two original members, doing various projects and tours and the one band I hope to see again. I’m the Listener; welcome to 1985 and this week’s choice for Classic Rock Wednesday Don’t Forget About Me.

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