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#NewComicsDay and it’s a big one! Something for everyone this week as the shelves quiver with the weight from all the titles. Smurfs #top5 picks and his take on the issue is ready to help to cruse the self in confidence. Our sponsor All C’s Collectibles is ready to offer you cash for the unwanted items from your collection. In the meantime, we got five stacked high ready to fly!

Venom #35 (200th Issue)> The Final Chapter in the Book of VENOM by Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman! This is it, Venomaniacs! The landmark 200th issue starring the most sinister symbiote in the Marvel Universe arrives – and after this, NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME! From Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and a who’s who of artists from the issues that tore Eddie Brock’s life asunder and brought the KING IN BLACK to Earth, comes the first chapter of the rest of Venom’s life. But in Knull’s wake, what even remains of the Lethal Protector? (S) Donny Cates, Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) More (A/CA) Ryan Stegman

Smurfs Take> Never thought this day would come yet here we are. I know there will be more Venom stories and new titles to follow this one but the amazing job Donny Cates did crafting this story and the impact on this run has to be acknowledged. It seems only fitting he ends it on the 200th issue and rightfully so, to serve as a bookend to an incredibly well-crafted story. Sad to see it come to an end, be sure to keep an eye out for the variants commemorating the achievement.

Will Gabe find his son? And if so…what will be left of him? The clock is ticking. The odds are long. The worst is coming. (S) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) Inhyuk Lee

Smurfs Take> BISHOP! I really like the fact they have embraced this part of the cannon when it comes to the story. Even helps give the book a little more familiarity besides the feeling of dread you get from seeing the Alien. I have so missed this type of read and a story that is checking all the right boxes for the nostalgia feels and movie geek inside me.  

Demon Days Mariko #1> IN THE SHADOW OF KIRISAKI MOUNTAIN… A SECRET HISTORY COMES TO LIGHT! The DEMON DAYS saga by STORMBREAKER PEACH MOMOKO continues! Mariko Yashida hears mysterious voices and has strange dreams that feel real. Her redheaded maid who dresses all in black might know more than she lets on. What is the connection between Mariko, the creatures called Oni and Kirisaki Mountain? Find out in the next installment of this tale of magic, monsters and Marvel characters like you’ve never seen them before, beautifully rendered by Peach Momoko! Book TWO of FIVE of the DEMON DAYS saga! (S) Peach Momoko (A/CA) Peach Momoko

Smurfs Take> The first issue was pretty good, truly was a work of art; so well balanced with art, story, and overall feel of an ancient parable in modern times. I have no idea where it goes, or what the next story may hold but I’m in for sure.

Compass #1> GREG RUCKA proudly presents a new direction in adventure with…COMPASS! Shahidah El-Amin is many things: scholar, cartographer, astronomer, mathematician, scientist, explorer, adventurer, and—when need be—two-fisted fighter. Setting out from Baghdad’s legendary House of Wisdom during the Islamic Golden Age, Shahi’s quest brings her to 13th-century Britain…where the Welsh are whispered to possess the secret of eternal life. But Shahi’s not the only one after it… Re-teaming from the pages of THE OLD GUARD: TALES THROUGH TIME, writers ROBERT MACKENZIE and DAVE WALKER (LAZARUS SOURCEBOOK) and artist JUSTIN GREENWOOD (Stumptown, THE FUSE, THE LAST SIEGE) take you on a breathless race. Follow the Compass to unlock the secrets of the ancient world! (S) Robert Mackenzie, Dave Walker (A/CA) Justin Greenwood

Smurfs Take> I have enjoyed every single project these creatives have done, and expect the same here. The story does seem a little “Laura Croft” but I think that could be a good thing and a way to take the character in directions you can’t with Tomb Raider. Always up for a good race around the world looking for relics!    

Space Pirate Captain Harlock #1> From the legendary Leiji Matsumoto, along with Jerome Alquie, comes an epic new story!  Set within the timeline of the original series, this brand-new Captain Harlock adventure marks the beginning of a new story arc. Planet Earth is threatened by an upcoming invasion by the Sylvidres and despite being banished as a pirate, Captain Harlock won’t give up trying to save the world. This time, the source of danger comes directly from Earth, not outer space. A team of scientists discovers a Sylvidres mausoleum where they find information about terrifying genetic manipulations and a destructive power capable of either providing the Sylvidres with immortality or putting an end to their civilization. The unprecedented cold spell hitting Earth might only be a taste of what this new enemy has in store…
Will Captain Harlock and his crew manage to solve this mystery and save the Earth from yet another menace? (S) Leiji Matsumoto, Jerome Alquie (A) Jerome Alquie (CA) Derrick Chew

Smurfs Take> I really do like this series and the animated show that came out a while ago. The story was compelling and the characters were great, just a fun action ride that I had no prebuilt conception about. I think it’s fantastic they are expanding even further on the story and characters and should be an entertaining read.

Dceased: Hope at Worlds End> In Earth’s darkest hour, heroes will bring hope in this new addition to the DCeased saga, taking place within the timeline of the original epic!

DCeased became a smash horror hit in 2019 by offering a twisted version of the DC Universe infected by the Anti-Life Equation, transforming heroes and villains alike into mindless monsters. DCeased: Hope at World’s End, previously only available digitally, expands the world of that original DCeased series by filling in that story’s time jump and focusing on characters including Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Stephanie Brown, Wally West, and Jimmy Olsen.

In DCeased: Hope at World’s End, the Anti-Life Equation has infected over a billion people on Earth. Heroes and villains have fallen. In the immediate aftermath of the destruction of Metropolis, Superman and Wonder Woman spearhead an effort to stem the tide of infection, preserve and protect survivors, and plan for what’s next. In the Earth’s darkest hour, heroes will bring hope! The war for Earth has only just begun! This volume collects DCeased: Hope at World’s End Digital Chapters 1-15.  (S) Tom Taylor  (A) Rex Lokus, Renato Guedes, Marco Failla

Smurfs Take> I’m surprised and I’m not to see this come to trade format, more surprised it took so long. I know a lot of people have completely missed out on this series with it being a digital only format. Worth the read especially if you’re an Elseworld fan.

Marvel Premier Collections Silver Surfer Statue> A Diamond Select Toys release! Watch out Thor, the Surfer is coming! Swooping down to the surface at incredible speed, the Silver Surfer rides his shimmering surfboard in this dynamic statue. Hand-sculpted by Clayburn Moore based on a classic Marvel Comics cover, this statue pairs well with the Premier Collection Thor statue, and stands approximately 12 inches tall. It is limited to 3,000 pieces and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity.


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