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#NewComicsDay is at hand and I can’t tell you all that is in store for you at your local comic shop. What I can do with the help of our sponsor All C’s Collectibles who is opening a new location July 3rd is give you the rundown on the #Top5 titles that have caught Smurfs eye. It’s his take on the issue to help even further, so we got five stacked high ready to fly:

Wonder Woman Black &Gold #1> Just in time for Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary, DC Comics proudly presents a new anthology series starring the Amazon Princess embellished in the color of her famous lasso. You won’t want to miss this thrilling series celebrating the woman who inspires us all…and that’s the truth!

Kicking things off, John Arcudi (B.P.R.D.) and Ryan Sook (Legion of Super-Heroes) reunite to show us the grace immortality grants a hero. Becky Cloonan (Wonder Woman) weaves a spine-tingling tale of Diana’s most precious weapon against the darkness. Then Amy Reeder (Amethyst) takes us back to the Golden Age for a fun romp co-starring Etta Candy. AJ Mendez and Ming Doyle (Constantine: The Hellblazer) travel to Themyscira for a tense family reunion. And finally, Nadia Shammas and Morgan Beem (Swamp Thing: Twin Branches) show us a story of Diana’s past failures coming back to haunt her. (S) Amy Reader, John Arcudi, Nadia Shamms, AJ Mendez  (A) Ming Doyle, Amy Reader, Ryan Sook, Morgan Beem

Smurfs Take> I think it’s about time they focus on Wonder Woman and I’m tired of DC neglecting her. There are just so many different stories that you could tell about her throughout the ages and I’m hopeful this title will lead to that. By the looks of it they’re off to a great start.

Time’s up. No more sniffing around, no more barking, no more hiding. The dogs have to get out of this house. Now. But standing between them and freedom is their best friend…and their worst nightmare.
They say there’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. (S) Tony Fleecs (CA) Tony Fleecs (A/CA) Trish Forstner

Smurfs Take> The end already and I have no idea how they will wrap it all up, there just seems like there is so much more left unexplored. This has been one of the most unique stories and pleasant surprises of the year for me.    

A double-sized issue that begins a storyline so huge that three NEW SPAWN-related monthly titles will spill out from it, including…
A new SPAWN title. GUNSLINGER SPAWN monthly. And a new TEAM book bringing a handful of these characters together in their own book.
With this one-shot…the world of SPAWN changes forever! New heroes. New villains, and more importantly, new titles coming to a comic shop near you. Join this list of artists as we unveil a historic moment in the mythology of SPAWN’S UNIVERSE: (S) Todd McFarland  (A) Todd McFarland, Stephen Segovia, Jim Cheung, J. Scott Campbell

Smurfs Take> I haven’t read a Spawn issue in ages. I’m more drawn to this title to see what’s it all about rather than the character or the list of heavy hitters attached to it. There is no denying McFarland’s talent to tell a story or the incredible art he can bring to it but it’s not all resting on his skills. Expanding on the characters and the world he’s been building since 1992 is intriguing and where the true strength behind this endeavor rests.  

Guardians of the Galaxy #15> GUARDIANS VS. S.W.O.R.D.!
In the wake of the Snarkwar and reeling from revelations of their own, the Guardians come face-to-face with the S.W.O.R.D. station crew…including their Quiet Council liaison-Magneto! And he’s not known for friendly chats…It’s the Human Rocket versus the Master of Magnetism-and it’s winner take all! (S) Al Ewing (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Brett Booth

Smurfs Take> The last few issues have been fun and it’s great to see the Guardians expand once again. The pacing has been on point and there really isn’t anything I would change so far, just excited to see where it goes. But I think my wish of Magneto becoming a Guardian might not come true.

Heroes Return #1> An epic, oversize slugfest between the Squadron Supreme and an otherworldly group of Avengers for the final fate of the whacked-out world of HEROES REBORN. (S) Jason Aaron (A) Ed McGuinness (CA) Leinil Francis Yu

Smurfs Take> I’m not sure about this whole series or what Marvel has planned but I’m looking for answers and this looks to have it.

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