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Your Late to the Party Quarter’s Worth

Tom & Jerry The Movie

Your Quarter’s Worth is back with another past due review. This time we’re checking out Tom & Jerry The Movie.

Yeah, that Tom & Jerry.

Not gonna lie. I wasn’t a big fan of Tom & Jerry growing up. I watched enough episodes to know the characters and their schtick, but it was never my first choice for mindless animated entertainment. If it wasn’t for Smurf and his Weekend Geek Updates, the 2020 Tom & Jerry movie probably wouldn’t have even pinged my radar.

However, while on my most recent excursion to the local library, the box for Tom & Jerry The Movie was placed conspicuously at eye level with the new releases. I picked up the DVD case and wondered if my kiddo would be interested in watching it. They enjoyed Sonic and other modernizations from my youth, maybe they’d like this one as well?

I grabbed the movie and brought it home to find out.

When I told the child I borrowed Tom & Jerry they responded the way I’m guessing everyone under the age of 45 did when they heard there was a Tom & Jerry movie, with a shrug and a “Meh.”

Overhearing the conversation, Kodid chimed in. “I saw on Instagram that DJ Nu-Mark did music for the movie. I’ll watch it.”

I turned to the kid, “We’ll watch it without you if you aren’t interested.” Not wanting to feel preadolescent FOMO, they opted to check it out with us.

Tom & Jerry is a live action movie about the titular famous cat and mouse duo. Tom and Jerry and all the other animals in the movie are animated. It was creative and interesting to see real props seamlessly melded with the animated characters.

The filmmakers remained true to the original Hanna Barbera source material, keeping Tom and Jerry silent while having many of the other animals able to speak. They also payed homage in the multitude of violent chase scenes, even including an “ACME” chainsaw and a creepy Droopy cameo.

The soundtrack was primarily hip hop music, a theme with many modern animated movies, but it didn’t seem forced or overly obtrusive.

Tom & Jerry stars Hit Girl‘s Chloe Grace Moretz in the leading role and she performs well, considering the filmmakers decided to include any story at all. Moretz is backed by a cast of funny actors, including Michael Pena and Ken Jeong. Each one was entertaining, even a bit over the top, but I wouldn’t have taken a role in this movie very seriously either.

Tom & Jerry The Movie gets one and half out of two quarters.

Parents and children alike will be entertained for the entire 101 minutes, laughing throughout the movie. Fans of the classic cartoon should be pleased with this modernization as well.

We recommend giving Tom & Jerry The Movie a watch. Just don’t expect anything paradigm shaping.

We were also Late to the Party with Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing and the Lois Lowry novel Number The Stars–both from 1989. Check out either of those if you prefer something deeper to wade into.

Thanks for checking in with Your Quarter’s Worth once again. We’ll be back soon with whatever else we inevitably discover far later than we should have.

Until then, be open-minded and stay geeky!

Written by John Andreula. Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk.

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