Meat and Potatoes

M Night Shyamalan has realeased another one of his suspenful movies this week. Now, I am in no hurry to rush out and see his new film, “Old” but I am curious as to how he will upset me again with one of his rediculous *Twist* endings. Guess my curiousity gets the best of me sometimes.

*The MEAT* The story has been done before, whether it was Star Trek or Twilight Zone episodes. Basically, we have people of different walks of life having to work together to solve a problem. And I will give credit that the major problem is *Explained Well Enough* to go along with the story here.

*The POTATOES* No big names in the acting department here which works better for this film because it gives you a more realistic sense of what’s going on with these characters here. So, while there is not a big stand out performance, the overall acting is *Very Believable*.

*The VERDICT* “Old” is nothing spectacular, but it is a *Solid Movie* and worth your time if you have a few hours. No need to see it in theaters, like I said nothing spectacular here. But the ending is what I specifically wanted to see because there always is a twist, right? So, I am reporting that the ending does sink well with the movie and does not do anything ridiculous that will upset the viewer, which in a weird way is a twist in itself considering who made this film. Don’t quite know if that makes me happy or sad.  lol

Everyone, Please Stay Safe…

Stay Healthy…

And as always… Stay Geeky!

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